Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wicked Reviews Series: Highschool of the Dead - Episode 1

Time to review the crap out of it. This is gonna get messy.

Highschool of the Dead kind of sums up the premise entirely really. Most of this episode was to set the mood which was the best possible direction to take really. A zombie apocalypse is going on and shit just got real.

This series is going to be extremely popular for three simple reasons:

1) Lots of fan service.

2) Lots of gore.

3) Lots of zombies.

That's not factoring in story, characters, or anything else what so ever. Truth be told: I personally don't really care about fan service, gore, or horror themes but I still find this show interesting so far so I recommend checking it out at the least.

So far we have our main characters Takashi and Rei. They happen to be childhood friends and dated before Rei broke up with him and began dating his best friend Hisashi. We're given glimpses of the other main characters but this episode focuses on these three thank goodness. Takashi is one of the first in the school to notice the zombie outbreak and quickly barges in on a classroom to inform Rei and get her to safety. Hisashi and the other main characters happen to be in that classroom as well and overhear the conversation. Takashi, Rei, and Hisashi work together reluctantly to prepare by finding something to use as a weapon. It becomes noted rather quickly that they each know different martial arts of some kind. Rei herself happens to be part of the spear club so she's not some damsel in distress. Then an announcement is made over the intercom about zombies omn nom nomming things and the person making the announcement gets attacked with everyone overhearing the screams of horror. As sadly expected, everyone loses their demeanor and scrambles and fights their way to get out of the school which of course makes them easy bait for any zombie as they're tightly packed and reckless through the halls of the school. Hisashi tells Takashi and Rei they need to take a different route so they aren't trapped in the halls with everyone else.

Hisashi seems to be the one with a clear plan at every moment and they head to the rooftop to barricade off the area to the observatory in the hopes of waiting things out and getting rescued. On the way there, they face off against a former teacher who manages to clench his jaws on Hisashi before Takashi runs in and busts the zombie's skull open with his bat. Different scenes are shown ranging from helplessness, betrayal, suicide, and a few remaining students who can handle themselves.

The three manage to get to the rooftop but Hisashi realizes his doom is setting in and he asks Takashi to help throw him off the roof so that he can keep his humanity to the bitter end. Rei is in denial and refuses to accept Hisashi would ever become a zombie. Even when Hisashi turns into one of "them", Rei still refuses to believe the truth. Takashi does the only thing he can do, he clenches his fist around the bat's handle and charges forward to kill his best friend.

Rei verbally assaults Takashi for his decision and even goes as far as stating he was jealous because she cared for Hisashi. Takashi gets fed up and begins to climb the barricade. Rei panics and wonders what he's going to do with Takashi claiming that he'll just leave her alone and take on the entire swarm of zombies by himself. Rei pulls him back and apologizes frantically as she doesn't want to be left alone. The two embrace in a hug as the only bit of comfort they can obtain in such a traumatic situation.

INTENSE! That's the word of the day folks. Overall, this was a great first episode and I'll continue reviewing this series.

This is Kylak signing out.


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