Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wicked Reviews Series: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Episode 2

Dead puppies aren't much fun. It's a real song. Go look it up.

This entire episode is a super flashback. There is a LOT of details going on here so let's try to get through them.

Sion gets beaten up for not being royalty except you find out later that he is royalty but only on his Father's side which is the real reason he's being beaten up because his Dad threw him and his Mother out because he was an accident and his Mother was the only one who ever treated him kindly and then his Mother died.... *takes a deep breath* Also... a dead puppy in a box. What a cheerful way to start an episode. It's like Christmas already. But in all seriousness, this is freaking sick. These are KIDS putting a dead bloody puppy in a box and gift wrapping it for Sion. Did I mention that he got this gift just after his Mother died? Okay... just making sure we're clear on that. No wonder the guy seems so twisted.

We jump forward several years with Sion being in a Roland Royal Special Military Academy. Sion is trying to collect members for team mock battles coming up and he comes across Ryner. He's read everything about the devil with black hair Ryner (not to be confused with the devil that wears prada or the devil that plays a golden fiddle) but the Ryner he comes across in real life is nothing like the reports. He's lazy, a pushover, and would rather nap than do anything productive. We're introduced to Kiefer next and Sion wants the two of him to join his sexy parties and mock battle team. Is it weird that I can picture Sion with Stewie Griffon's voice?

Sion apparently isn't afraid of using sexual innuendos in public because his reason for wanting Ryner to join the team is: he likes his eyes. What he's really trying to say is, I know about your Alpha Stigma but Ryner declines the invitation. Sion decides to whisper whisper to Ryner's face and let him know that he's getting blackmailed. Basically, if Ryner won't join the team, he'll expose him and his eyes. This is a big deal since Ryner acts like a lazy good for nothing and doesn't want anyone to know about his demon eyes.

After the mock battle goes smoothly and the group passes out from drinking too much, Ryner and Sion have a little chit chat outside. Here's where we find out about Ryner's reason for being in the Academy. You'll just have to watch to find out. Sion asks for Ryner's hand in marriage, I mean... for him to be with him... errr.... join his team. Yeah, that's it. Ryner declines Sion's offer to form a Hitler-esque regime and then BAM! Assassins! Really terrible assassins. Sion tells Ryner not to worry about him and Ryner says no problem, I'm outtie. Insert chase scene.

Ferris intervenes and saves the day. She tells Sion to return the favor by bringing her dango tomorrow. Then we find out who Ferris's brother is. Hint: he's in the intro. Sion asks Ferris to help him find out who is trying to assassinate him and she says she has to or her brother will kill her. It's difficult to tell if she's joking since she always speaks in a serious tone but I guess it's safe to say that she's not.

Back at the Academy we find out that Estabul is starting a war with Roland annnd shortly after we have Knights bring great news, "You're going to war. Kay thanks bye." Kiefer pleads with Ryner to runaway, runaway, runaway and save your life since Kiefer doesn't know Ryner's true identity and she still thinks that he's weak sauce. Ryner reassures her everything will be peachy keen.

Ferris and her sister happen to be interrogating Brophs about who ordered the attack on Sion and Brophs bursts into laughter. He states that Sion is as good as dead. The Estabul war doesn't exist and it's all part of a trap to kill Sion. The students are being sent to a safe area in the North but in reality, fifty Estabul Magic Knights are stationed there to wipe them out. To make matters worse, a spy is among Sion's friends. I'm guessing it's Kiefer since she's the only person worried and she wanted Ryner to leave so he wouldn't die. We'll have to wait till next time to find out because that's where the episode ended.

Extra note: Sorry this took so long to post. I literally had to type this up a second time from memory due to Blogger's autosave function failing me. My memory fails so I kind of had to type up a second post entirely. The original was longer than this but oh well. I hope you still enjoyed.

This is Kylak signing out and finding the Legendary Artifact known as a Bed which I quite obviously don't know how to use.


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