Monday, July 19, 2010

Wicked Reviews Series: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Episode 3

The episode begins with Brophs being killed by Ferris's brother and Ferris knocking her sister out so she doesn't see the dismembered head. You see, he was able to rip off the guy's head faster than anyone could even realize he was already dead. That's how hardcore this guy is. Shortly after a discussion, he vanishes into the light... yes... the light. He's like five regular ninjas taped together to make one super ninja.

We switch over to our military students getting along and trying to get Ryner to talk to Kiefer about her feelings. The problem is, Ryner literally thinks she's joking when she makes it very clear that she cares for him. Bad move pal. Kiefer gives the signal and the Estabul Magic Knights start decapitating and cleaving torsos in different directions. Did I mention that this episode is a little graphic?

After being knocked out, Ryner wakes up to see that only Sion and Kiefer are left alive. Ryner's provoked until something snaps and his Alpha Stigma goes into God mode. The problem with this is, his personality changes and he begins wiping out their existence without mercy. The 50 (yes, that's almost a full Magic the Gathering deck) Magic Knights are turned to shit and Sion and Kiefer are the only ones left to rip apart. For some reason, Ryner's eyes start to close on their own which after being shut allow him to regain control of his mind and body. Roland knights show up and Sion is escorted back as a hero.

Ryner and Kiefer are locked up because they were both pawns of the military to begin with. Ryner is beaten while making snappy comebacks and given one request. He is escorted to Kiefer's cell and locked in with her. The two discuss things of importance ,that you should watch the episode to find out about, and Kiefer is released in place of Ryner as he requested. Then there is some smoochie smoochie before Kiefer has to leave.

Sion manages to find Ryner and he even passes him a way to freedom but Ryner refuses. He doesn't want to get involved with war or anything for that matter. He's much happier being able to nap all day in his jail cell and have three meals a day. The episode ends with Ryner contemplating all that's happened.

This is Kylak signing out to take an afternoon nap. Just kidding. I have insomnia.


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