Friday, July 9, 2010

Wicked Reviews Series: Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi - Episode 2

I got sick of using the main characters names starting with R because they look too similar so I'm now going with Ookami (Ookami or Ōkami is basically the same thing in romanji for those worried), Morino, and Akai.

This second episode was a lot of the same sadly but definitely a step up from the first episode. Almost all of the attempted (and I put heavy emphasis on attempted) jokes are based around the quirks of the characters. This wouldn't be so bad except they are forced down your throat. Not only do the characters have to point it out (which kills the joke since they are explaining it) but the Narrator even chimes in to add emphasis. Which leads to the other thing I am despising: the narrator.

The Narrator is the single most pointless thing added to this show. The Narrator literally didn't say anything of relevance what so ever in this entire episode. Not only does she choose to talk at the same time as one of the characters but she mostly just stated the obvious for over twenty minutes. A great example is from the picture above where there is a scene showing off that Ookami likes dogs but she doesn't want anyone to see her petting them or they'll think she's soft. We don't need the narrator to tell us this fact, it's obvious when Morino asks her about it and she clams up and lies. It's even more obvious when she is hesitant to pet them and looks around to make sure no one is nearby.

Another few for the sake of examples: "Morino couldn't help but smile at how cute Ookami-san was." Yeah... he's smiling right now... I'm not blind. "And that night." No shit Sherlock! I can see that already from the change of scenery. "The Onigashima's Boss has arrived." Yeah, I can tell from looking at him. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. The entire gang happens to be lined up and bowing for him and that's before everyone starts taking orders from him. And let me be the first to say that for a Highschool gang leader, he surprisingly looks like he's in his 30's.

Then she goes on to explain that Morino is using a slingshot and firing from a distance.... really? REALLY? Is that what's happening? Cause I could have sworn what was really going on was me getting annoyed and losing interest!

She even explains the Neko Neko Knuckles Revamped emit electricity at the same time that you can clearly see ACTUAL FREAKING LIGHTNING SHOOTING THROUGH THE GUYS BODY! These aren't things that need explaining... EVER! Alright... gotta calm down... *ahem*

This episode was all about pushing Ookami and Morino as a couple. It's not just the show doing it inadvertently but literally the entire cast is trying to get them together and every scenario is perfectly setup to make them benefit from each other so that Ookami will warm up to him. It's sickening how little effort is thrown into this.

So let's start with our summary shall we? Now that I've managed to get the rant out of the way let's dive in:

The Otogi Bank is given more explanation and Akai asks Morino what he likes about Ookami. She feels relieved with his answers and leaves afterward. After a scene of the President noticing Morino's skills from a video tape we get the scene mentioned earlier about the puppies. The only good thing to note is that this hints in a subtle way that Morino represents the "hunter" since you find out these are hunting dogs that he owns. Then we move on to wherever Ookami and Akai are living together with Akai telling Ookami what she found out to try and entice Ookami into liking Morino more. It kind of bothers me that we couldn't just skip the scene of Morino talking to Akai. When Akai is talking to Ookami she literally states she talked to him and then restates what he said... It's like the scene wasn't even necessary.

Then we jump to the next day where the crew is out shopping and they left Morino and Urashima back in case of customers. So we jump over to a scene with those two making the previous scene UTTERLY POINTLESS! This actually happens a lot as you can tell. We could have just started with Morino and Urashima and had the narrator explain that everyone was out shopping. Then the narrator would actually have a purpose and we wouldn't be subjected to scenes that lacked relevance.

A client walks in who seems to be a very timid girl. Here's where we find out that Urashima is a womanizer and then just as he's starting to get dialogue and character development... BAM! Otohime pops in to apparently take him away and rape him. It would have actually been semi-comedic here if Morino was now all alone with the client and would have to struggle to talk with her while dealing with his fears of strangers and staring and maybe even had Urashima escape Otohime's clutches but NO! Ookami shows up immediately to fix everything which makes the entire scene with Urashima pointless since he wasn't needed for anything and was on screen for less than three minutes. Now I question why she wasn't there from the start and why she's the only one back from shopping...

So the client asks for help because her ex boyfriend is asking to meet up with her again. He was always rather violent and she's worried he'll try and force her back into a relationship. Morino and Ookami take the case and the girl asks that they go without her. Once they show up at the designated spot, we get the scene above of gang members crawling out of the wood work.

It was all a setup to lure Ookami-san out. Insert short fight scene where Morino gets knocked out immediately and Ookami goes down pretty quickly as well. The guys leave Morino behind and take Ookami away. Morino goes back to headquarters to inform the group but then states that he'll find her himself (obviously with the hunting dogs tracking her scent). Then we have a scene of Ookami and her inner thoughts having a lil chit chat about how she lies to others and truly wants someone to depend on... That's right folks, rather than having scenes explain this, we have exposition to blatantly tell you how she feels. Hurts doesn't it?

The boss is about to touch Ookami inappropriately when Morino steps in... well not really steps in since he's actually sitting down farther away but you get what I mean. He uses his slingshot (attached to a bracer on his arm) to take down the different gang members and the rest of the Otogi Bank shows up to help out. The only problem is, they don't actually do anything worthwhile. Akai is the only one managing to be helpful by freeing Ookami and giving her the Neko Neko Knuckles Revamped. That's about the only thing noteworthy.

After the fight seems over, with an included double team of Morino and Ookami to take down the boss, we have another moment of the group trying to push Ookami into liking Morino followed by the boss managing to get back up and manage a surprise attack. He grabs Ookami and declares that he'll make her his woman which is all kinds of disgusting since that would make him a pedophile. I swear it's obvious that he isn't their age.

Then Morino steps in (literally this time) to save the day. It only takes one swift uppercut to take out the boss this time which is honestly kind of strange. All of the subtle hints of Morino being the "hunter" were suddenly kicked in the face when Morino literally states that he's the hunter and he'll be the only one to catch Ookami... The only "good" thing that can come from this is if Morino literally is trying to hunt her and it throws the entire story for a loop rather than being some poorly written romance where everything is already in place at the beginning of the story like this seems to be so far. I'm not saying that romance stories are poorly written but that this happens to be a poorly written variety of a romance/drama. At least so far. The only other thing that happens of note is the stereotypical scene of "the villain lurking in the shadows who truly set up this event".

As of right now... it's rather obvious I'm not enjoying this. This may turn into something more interesting but these first two episodes have been pretty terrible. It's very likely that if the next episode doesn't pick up then I'm dropping this completely.

This is Kylak signing out.


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