Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wicked Reviews Series: Shiki - Episode 1

It's difficult to really discuss this so far. There is a giant pile of characters to be introduced to (an entire town for crying outloud) and since this is a supernatural horror/mystery there isn't a lot explained just yet. If you're into the genre then take a look. It's a very interesting series so far and I plan on watching it all the way though but I don't know if I'll have time to review it. We'll see how that goes alright? I have a spoiler but I think I'll save it for the podcast.


The introduction begins with villagers looking for the body of a girl in the woods. A closeup shows us the body before jumping into the very stylized and yet creepy intro. Even if you aren't going to watch the show, go check out that intro. In fact. Here it is:

Megumi is the focus of the first episode and she's the same girl everyone was searching for in the woods. The episode skips a few days back to show how things lead up to this. I just have to take a moment to explain something... I hate her character in every conceivable way. She's rude, doesn't have respect for her elders or peers, she thinks fashion and style are the most important things in life, is a complete stalker, she has wild irrational fantasies that I could care less about it, she's only in the 10th grade and she thinks it's okay to wear skimpy whorish clothes, and is just an unlikable bitch. Don't let that stop you from watching this show though. Trust me.

Then we're introduced to some other characters who are being asked questions by the police. They're investigating the deaths of three people in the town. All three deaths are rather strange with unknown circumstances. Then the ever disturbing fact that the old lady had to have been living with dead bodies for several days.

Dun dun.

So we go back to Megumi's annoying antics, sour face, and her apparent dislike of just about everyone except for Yuuki. She runs into him as he's waiting for the bus and bothers him as he literally ignores her and looks in the other direction. It's very obvious he despises her as much as I do so I'm kewl with this guy. High five!

Some other characters are introduced and we go back to Megumi who gets pissy that someone else dare have a different opinion than her own so she storms off. I failed to mention before that her fantasies involve a strange European styled mansion/castle up on a hill. She goes storming off towards the place. We switch to nightfall and Megumi hasn't returned home. The entire town gets involved in trying to find her. We see the scene I mentioned from the beginning again but this time with some beautiful yet eerie music.

Megumi isn't dead (much to my dismay) but is diagnosed with anemia. Her family worries because she just lies in bed and won't eat. Then we get a trippy dream sequence that I suppose is meant to be foreshadowing but means nothing as of now. Literally it's just swirling petals and a shadowy figure and then a lady that lives in the mansion holding her hand (which we get to see just shortly before in person) and theeeeeeen that's about it. We find out later that Megumi has died before the episode ends.


Is it really obvious that I rushed this review? ALSO AWESOME! Don't worry, that will be a rarity. Sorry for writing the review four days later after watching the episode but it can't be helped.

So yeah... lots of "hey look, this will be a character in the show later", annoying moments of Megumi, and then the strange events surrounding the different deaths that are starting. Oh, and really wicked hair. Let's see how this plays out shall we? Though I sadly already know.

This is Kylak signing out and realizing that this is an Anime adaptation to a Western Novel.


  1. This episode was interesting. I don't know if I like it or not, but it did bother me that they introduced Megumi almost main character-like and then ends up being dead, which felt like one of those "it's just a motherpoopin' dream, beetch!" sort of moment.
    Also, I found it kind of hilarious to see so many characters introduced. Dude, I can't even remember 3 people's names, so how would I remember the whole town? Crazy, crazy.
    The characters almost reminds me of Yugi-Oh! because of their chins. Pointy chin, very sharp edges? Card games on motorcycles, beetch.


    But yeah... introducing the entire town is part of the plan actually. Just be glad they focused on only a few since that's the best route to take in a series like this. I'm taking a wild guess that introducing Megumi was on purpose as her character will probably be with us more than we expect in different ways. She's in the opening after all. You know how Anime openings are.

    The main characters are actually recognizable thanks to the art style and hair. Notice how almost everyone looks forgettable except for Megumi, Ozaki (the doctor), Yuuki (the boy that Megumi stalked), and Muroi (the priest)? That's on purpose. They are the main characters and that's why so much attention is put into their character designs, dialogue, and personalities. I keep making jokes about the hair but it's true. If a character has wild hair or a very strange hair color in this show then they're most likely a main character.

  3. I understand Megumi is important, but it just felt like a "oh, my main character sense is wrong; how dare you!" sort of cocky thing. Like a lot of people, you don't want to feel dumb.



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