Friday, July 16, 2010

Wicked Reviews Series: Shiki - Episode 2

This episode is all about the aftereffects of Megumi's death as well as finally focusing around the almost forgotten main characters.

Megumi's mother and father cope with the loss of their daughter and Toshio (Head Doctor of the Ozaki Clinic) asks if he may complete an autopsy. The father refuses.

Natsuno struggles with an ever increasing dread to dare open his own window. Before, he would be forced to close it due to Megumi's stalking antics. Now that she's gone, he still can't leave it open without the feeling that someone is watching.

We find out the reason the town seems so cut off from the outside world. The town is literally surrounded by momi fir trees and the making of grave markers which coincidentally surround the town in "death". Sounds cheerful huh? Great vacation spot if you're of the undead variety.

Ritsuko bumps into Natsuno and we find out about Natsuno's hate and discontent about living in the small town. We also get to see a LOT of his dynamic facial expression the entire episode and by dynamic I mean NEVER CHANGING!

Kaori finds a letter that Megumi wrote for Natsuno and attempts to give it to him after the funeral. Then we find out Natsuno is a cold hearted bizzotch and he just walks off without accepting the letter.

The rest of the episode involves Toshio investigating the deaths of the town's citizens. Anemia isn't a normal cause of death and Megumi's wasn't the common iron deficiency anemia. Toshio realizes that all of the recent deaths involve the same symptoms and worries that there is an epidemic. His friend Seishin (Local Priest) and Ishida (Public Health Officer) decide to help him in his investigation.

Natsuno wonders why he continues to close the window screen but just as he's about to slide it open a heightened sense of fear overtakes him.

This is Kylak signing out and opening my window as often as I like.


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