Friday, August 13, 2010

Updates Updates Updates !!!

It's that Phoenix again! He's like the official update mascot. I don't have a clue who the artist is or I'd give them credit. You rock, whoever you are!

1) I'll be fixing up the site's navigation bit by bit. I'm busting out my internet hammers and nails to get this done. If you have any suggestions then please comment below by all means. If no one has any suggestions to spruce things up then most of the work will be behind the scenes. Top secret ninja whisper kind of work.

2) Updating my complete profile/about me page. I've been putting it off but it's kind of necessary I suppose. It's already been updated with my email address if you need/want to talk to me.

3) There won't be any posts for over a week! Let me fill you in on why. I'm a senior in college and things are going to be mad chaotic. Summer break is about to end and there's plenty to do around here before I take my trip back to my college town and dive into the nitty gritty. After I get settled into my dorm again, I'll be right back here with open arms. Just so we're clear: Yes, I do see the irony in the fact that one of the updates is that there won't be any updates for awhile. Sweet delicious irony!

1) Catch up time. You have all this time to read any old articles you missed out on. How lucky is that?

2) Promote the site. If you like the site or maybe a very specific article, there are buttons everywhere to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and more. Maybe you have friends you can persuade into taking a look and following. Maybe you frequent a forum and want to spread the word in your signature with kind words like, "Check Ky's shit out! *link*".

3) Comment. Even though I'm taking a break from posting for a little while, I'll still be here. Don't be a stranger. Comment up a storm. Even if it's an ancient article, I have it setup to notify me if anyone leaves a comment so you won't be speaking to an empty room. I typically comment back so be prepared for that. Suggestions, discussions, greetings, or maybe you just want to say things are peachy keen.

1) There will still be frequent updates but no longer will it be every single day. There are many reasons for this but I'm sure it will just work out better for everyone in the grand scheme of things.

2) The Podcast shall make its debut!

3) There are plenty more articles to come as well as some other surprises.

This is Kylak signing out for a week and lurking in the shadows to reply to your comments. You all rock outloud!


  1. Good luck with finishing college! I can't wait to see what you do with this place and of course, future articles will definitely be interesting. XD Try not to overwork yourself.

  2. That's exciting! I can't wait for the updates and all!

  3. @ Opee
    Thanks! I might just need that extra luck to walk through the firestorm known as "the final year". That's great that you have faith in my articles being interesting. Overworking will probably occur just from D&D alone haha. I'll be DMing for four separate groups because I'm insane! That's not including everything else that will be going on.

    @ Asuka
    Isn't it?! Glad you think so. I can't wait to write the updates that you can't wait for. :D It's really difficult to stop myself from writing.

  4. Wow! That sounds like a lot of work. DMing for four separate groups... how often do they meet?

  5. That's the fun part. I currently have no clue. We'll all have new schedules this coming semester. I get to obtain everyone's busy hours and lump them together into a giant list and settle on different dates and times to meet. Joy!

  6. The updated site looks awesome! I really do love the red accents and your site just rocks hardcore.

  7. Thank you so much.

    The updated appearance is all thanks to a team of mad scientists, fancy artists, and two German shepherds.



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