Monday, August 9, 2010

Video Spotlight #13 Mega Man 2 by the Adventures of Duane and BrandO

Sharing videos I managed to find scattered across the Internet.

As always, I get to share ancient videos with you that I couldn't before since I didn't have the site at the time. That should probably be the new tagline but that's another matter entirely.

You could pretty much call this Mega Man 2 abridged in music video form. It's delicious parody and it still manages to capture the story accurately enough to be considered a tribute. Even better is the seamless mixture of a metal cover soundtrack with hilarious rap lyrics.

Duane and BrandO are the brilliant minds behind this. They have a CD you can purchase full of goodies and there are some other vids and songs on their Youtube channel to sit down with. All of their songs are of this quality so start being impressed already.

You can find their official website here:

As you can tell from the post on their site, it would appear that Duane and BrandO are splitting up. This has actually happened before but it was over merely one dispute that they managed to work out. Currently, there are several issues that simply can't be worked out as they creatively want to go in different directions and that's just how things will have to be. Don't send them emails trying to change their mind, it's set in stone. The good news is, they'll still be making music just they'll be doing it separately with their own respective groups. Duane will continue with Action Adventure World and BrandO will continue with The Adventures Of. Several of the songs they were working on will still be completed even after their disbandment so that's something to look forward to rather soon.

This is Kylak signing out and defeating eight robot masters every day of the week.


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