Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leak Sauce #6 Devil May Cry Reboot

Leaking info to you and bringing the discussion.

It would appear that Ninja Theory (AKA the people who made a sub-par God of War clone called Heavenly Sword) is teaming up with Capcom for a reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise.

I personally don't know what to think about the trailer. On one hand, if the trailer is to give any indication of the gameplay then this looks like the logical progression the game should have been going through back when DMC 4 came out (which was basically DMC 3.5 for those who haven't been following the series). On the other hand, the trailer shows off a character that not only doesn't resemble Dante in the slightest but appears to be the opposite of what he used to represent.

The original statement about Dante from DMC 1 through 4 was that he was meant to be the kind of badass that doesn't have to smoke to look cool. He was a cocky, gung-ho anti-hero that tended to act cool even in worst case scenarios. The reboot has changed him into a tormented teenager who could be mistaken for a drug addict that is rarely seen without a cigarette. His platinum hair from the originals (to signify him being a half-demon) is also gone as he now sports a black emo style with traces of platinum near the top.

My own theory: This isn't Dante.
We are shown at the beginning that he's undergoing psycho-evaluation treatment for a rehabilitation program and that he's asked multiple times what his name is. My guess is that he's made to "believe" he is Dante for some reason or another as a way to give more insight into Dante's memories by force-feeding them into someone else. That's what I'm hoping for at least.

We'll have to wait to find out what is really going on as more information falls through the filters.

This is Kylak signing out and wondering where things will go from here.


  1. Hmm. I don't know what to say about the trailer really but I like your theory. Just for the sake of discussion I'm going to put up my own theory.

    It seems probable that this is a sequel. Maybe there's is evidence in the games, I haven't played many of them regrettably, that explains his past but as far as I know there isn't. This could be how they plan to explain who Dante really easy and how he grew up to be the badass you get to play as. Maybe he became too cool to smoke because he used to smoke in his teenage years and he quit.

    So it shows him getting tormented... well... he wasn't born a badass. He didn't come out of his mother's womb with a dead demon in hand. He had to have learned it somewhere. As for the cool-headed attitude, I don't think we've seen enough of the game to assume that he isn't still as cool headed and cocky as ever. We see him being tormented but not broken.

    As for the hair. Maybe he wasn't born with all his demonic powers in tow. Perhaps he had to develop them, during puberty would make the most sense.

    Of course, that's just one of thousands of possibilities. It could be that an organization is trying to create a copy of Dante to use as a weapon by brainwashing him into thinking he is Dante.(Hah. Raiden is born again.)

  2. I would have typed a response sooner but something silly happened and my comment was lost into the dark pits of the interwebz. I can't remember half of it sooooo here's a fresh new one straight from the oven.

    I just wanted to thank you again Opee for diving into discussion. It's always appreciated.

    I recommend playing DMC 3 if you're into complex hack and slash games. That's actually the prequel game that shows off a younger Dante so you can see why I feel this is unnecessary to go back to his younger years and then change him from what was already shown. I'm not opposed to change but it feels like a huge stretch this time around. Though I fully agree that it's too soon to tell how he'll act throughout the game.

    I would be just as happy if your theory pans out to be true but something about this feels rather strange. Ninja Theory has to sell this product to the fans and this was their first impression to the public. It reminds me of those sweet and sour candies. I see the sweet side in this and all the deliciousness they are trying to change and add but there is this sour side that I feel could have been left out.

    My brain is sadly preoccupied so for now I must barrel roll to escape this oncoming train in my head but I shall be back later to discuss this further.

  3. I understand. Darn the interwebs and its comment stealing attributes. I think I'm going to ctr+C every post I type out before submitting it.

    Anyway, I wasn't aware 3 was already a prequel. To be honest, I only played 4 and only because my mom bought it for me one day for the reason she buys me any games: she thought the guy on the cover was cute. XD But I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I liked how every enemy had some kind of scientific explanation behind how they worked. I liked all the references to historical literature involving the bible and demons. Particularly that the characters are based off of the divine comedy, more specifically Dante's Inferno... very loosely of course but it's there.

    While I believe that two prequels are redundant, I don't know how well people are going to take another new main character. From what I've seen a good number of people didn't like playing as a new character in DMC4. I really liked Nero, he was a little like Dante but still himself in his own way. Both characters played pretty much completely different from each other and Dante felt a lot more powerful as he should have. Besides, I liked the English voice actor for Nero and that arm was pretty cool.

    Maybe it was just Nero himself that people didn't like, not the fact that it was a new character. And maybe that's the theory they're trying to test out with this game. I don't know.

    What I do know is that the barrage of weapons "Dante" used in the trailer gets me excited. I love axes and whips. Scythes are my favorite weapons hands down but I like axes almost as much and past games have shown me that whips can be very fun to use.

  4. While I have never played DMC, I still have seen enough pictures of non-smoking Dante to honestly think "what the firetruck?" when I watched the trailer. The really catchy music (almost sounds like something you would hear from 'Mad World') and the awesome designs for the creatures were great, but what the heck is up with Dante? His face is just too awkward for his hair. If one is going to go emo haircut, just go all the way because damn, I kept wanting to make his hair grow in the trailer. Too butch cut for the wrong facial structure.

    I hope it really isn't the actual Dante. If it is, well, Dante did a good job making himself look good later on in the series. I bet he facepalms everytime he sees his old yearbook, thinking "how did I think this was every possibly cool?"

  5. A part of me died when I saw that video :(

  6. @ Opee
    Yeah, it would seem that Nero didn't fly very well with the fans. The only playable character anyone has really wanted to play as beyond Dante would be Vergil (Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition).

    I agree about the weapons. There's already a pile to get excited for and obviously there will be more to come.

    @ Wafflesaurus
    The hair is totally awkward in so many ways! He'd probably burn his yearbook later in life and hope that everyone forgot that time in his life ever existed.

    @ Faylar
    *pats you on the back*

  7. Yeahhh, I just hope for the best for the reboot. Maybe it'll be better?



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