Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twitter Time?

It's not quite the update Phoenix but it's sort of similar. Think of it as his little bro. You might dismiss Twitter as something silly and I honestly did the same thing at first. I've found some actual uses for it recently and I'm willing to test it out. Care to test it out along with me?

Reasons to follow me on Twitter:
1) It's the hip thing to do.
2) We can get to know each other.
3) You get updates about the site and other interesting things going on.
4) I'll be asking questions that may shape the site and future developments and I need your help answering them.
5) It tastes like chicken.
6) It's free.
7) It's like getting free chicken.
8) It's super easy to get an account and the process only takes a minute.

So why not? Let's test the waters together and create a friendly community composed of geeks and win sauce.

This is Kylak signing out and posting the URL:!/AllGeeksRejoice


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