Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Critical Playtesting #6 The Runepriest

Playtesting different classes and races so you'll give them a shot.

Sultrador asked if I could write an article about the Runepriest. This was the result.

Clerical Comparison
It's easy to mistake the Runepriest for a melee Cleric at first glance. They're both Divine Leaders that heal, smash face, and give bonuses to your allies. This article is here to help you distinguish between the two.

Take Two and Call me in the Morning

Two runes are at your disposal to alter your powers and benefit your allies in different ways: The Rune of Destruction and Rune of Protection. Almost every single one of your powers has a rider effect depending on which Rune state you're in (for offense or defense). To top it off, allies adjacent to you get an additional bonus depending on your Rune state thanks to your class feature: Rune Master. Even your healing class feature Rune Mending has rider effects.

The obvious benefit of this is your versatility under any situation as a Leader class. The tide of battle can turn quickly and not only can you turn with it but you might be the cause of it. While other Leaders are stuck with the powers they chose, your powers change every time you cast them.

Side Effects May Include
1) Amazing armor proficiency -
You've literally got the best armor proficiencies of any Leader class: Scale and Light shields right out of the gate. Your AC is going to be beastly and match that of most Defender classes.

2) Being a Secondary Defender -
With a high AC, a frontline disposition, and even the ability to mark with certain powers, you can team up with your Defender and punish foes twice as much. Many of your powers can even put your Defender's AC or defense into astronomical levels. Hilarity ensues once the enemy realizes it's futile to attack you or your Defender buddy.

3) Dishing Out Striker-level Damage -
Runic Artistry pretty much translates to a Striker class feature bonus for damage whenever an enemy dare attack you (based on a miss or a hit depending on which Artistry you pick). You get to lead from the front and punish foes if they strike at you which translates to a win/win situation. It's almost like being the opposite of a Defender in this regard. Runic Artistry combined with Rune of Destruction means you and your allies will be taking out headache-inducing enemies faster than you can say, "Tylenol".

4) Bonuses All Around the Table -
Another interesting trait that most Leader classes can't claim is that you give yourself just as many bonuses as you give your allies. Many of your Runes give bonuses to the entire team and you've got plenty of bonuses to share as you'll be throwing them out left and right.

This is Kylak signing out and reminding you to check all of the warning labels.


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