Monday, December 27, 2010

Flash Game Reviews #2 K.O.L.M.

Flash Game Reviews.

You're a beat-up, broken down, busted, pile of trash for a robot. You can't even see properly or walk. You won't let that stop you though. You have to please Mother. If you find all of your missing pieces, she'll truly love you.

As you traverse the industrial landscape, you seek out your broken parts and travel further into territories previously unreachable. Each part is an upgrade that can give you a new ability. Puzzle-platforming and exploration abound.

Simple blocky textures. It suits the robot theme and it makes the protagonist look rather adorable but it doesn't do justice to the boundless enemies as they come off as hastily made and typically are only made up of one or two shapes.

Astounding work. Very few online flash games can come close to touching this. A couple of the themes leave a taste reminiscent of Metroid and Kingdom Hearts. Thank you Tommy Robin.

Getting 100% completion rate extends the game a little bit beyond a single playthrough but that's about it.

The story may be simple but it's rather compelling and mysterious from start to finish. There are things to be discovered about the characters that drives you to complete your objectives and the music draws an emotional response as you attempt to gain your mother's affection. Boss fights need a lot of revamping as they're rather dull.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

This is Kylak signing out and thinking this is kind of like Metroid (It's a good thing I assure you).


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