Saturday, January 22, 2011

MTG Tips #1 Top 15 Ways to Handle Board Sweep

Tips and tricks for Magic the Gathering players.

Ever had a Wrath of God, Pyroclasm, or Infest ruin your day? Then this article is for you. Board sweep effects can really put a damper on your plans but there are many solutions out there. Below are 15 examples of how to deal with board sweep effects in no particular order.

1) Don't overextend
The concept is simple: don't attempt to play everything in your hand. If you know the opponent can decimate your field in the blink of an eye then hold cards back. If you force them to sweep early then you have the advantage.

2) Draw
Card advantage is always relevant (and a key to victory). Drawing cards to replace those you've lost or may lose is more than helpful.

3) Prevention
Cards like Gaddock Teeg and Meddling Mage prevent opponents from even playing Wrath and other cards that might spoil your dinner plans.

4) Recursion
Try playing spells that bring back creatures from the graveyard or play creatures that don't know how to quit: Bloodghast and Vengevine being prime examples.

5) Persist
Persist creatures work wonders and every color has access to them. There's also Cauldron Haze, Cauldron of Souls, and Twilight Shepherd which have the potential to save an entire army.

6) Blink
Blink effects allow your creatures to dodge any kind of removal. Ghostway and Momentary Blink are some of the best in the business at what they do.

7) Bounce
Maybe you just need to save one creature? Return spells like Unsummon or Into the Roil can do the trick.

8) Remove
Some players prefer to rip the spells out of their opponent's memory. Jester's Cap, Memoricide, and other spells will make it seem like board sweep never even existed.

9) Punish
Play cards that punish them for striking down your creatures. Many creatures have effects that trigger once they go to the graveyard such as Kokusho, the Evening Star or Mycoid Shepherd.

10) Indestructible
Indestructible creatures are immune to most forms of board sweep (except for -X/-X spells).

11) Counterspell
Maybe you prefer to simply ignore their spell all together.

12) Discard
Targeted discard effects like Duress will keep your field safe.

13) Sleepers
A sleeper is a type of card that isn't a creature unless you activate it to start dancing for you. Man-lands such as Raging Ravine and Mutavault are a great example of this.

14) Regeneration
Most board sweepers nowadays don't have the added "can't be regenerated" clause. Trolls and other regenerators can breathe a sigh of relief.

15) Reach
I'm not talking about the kind that can block flying creatures. Reach is a term given to spells or creatures that have range outside of attacking. This typically involves having a way to target the player directly. Enters the battlefield (comes into play) triggers are rather common. Take a look at Bogardan Hellkite. He did his job long before he got the chance to attack and if he dare get to swing then it's simply icing on the cake.

Is there a particular strategy your enemies are employing that you just aren't sure how to beat? Do you want additional advice on something in the world of Magic? Just leave a comment below or email me and I'll be glad to post an article to help you out.

This is Kylak signing out and sweeping up.


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