Monday, April 25, 2011

Leak Sauce #13 New Phyrexia Spoilers

Leaking info to you and bringing the discussion.

New Phyrexia was announced officially and along with it came an onslaught of spoilers.

Announcement link here.

And I took so long to post this article that apparently the entire set was already spoiled about a week ago:

Edit: Daily MTG spoiled the entire set. Enjoy the full visual spoiler:

Intro Packs already shown:

New Ultra Pro products:

Sorry for being so late to the party but it couldn't be helped this time around. Normally, this is where I would discuss the set in depth buuuuuuuut instead I'm going to try something a little different. You get to start the discussion in the comments below. Don't be shy.

This is Kylak signing out so you don't have to.


  1. I'm super excited! I remember seeing someone post on Facebook that New Phyrexia won and I squeed like a girl :D. Good times.

    Man, they really love Elesh Norn, don't they? I see her everywhere!

    I see a lot of goodies for my favorite color green. I hope it wouldn't be too expensive.

  2. Elesh Norn is definitely the fave it would seem. She appears on three cards as well as the ultra pro products...

    Green definitely got some tasty treats. What are your faves?

    Biggest pro for me: that there are several weapons against Planeswalkers in this set.

    Biggest con for me: that the Praetors are all Mythic Rares.

    Random point of discussion: look at Urabrask's flavor text.

  3. Vorinclex is my favorite :D! He rocks. The splicers are super-interesting.

    Ura, you mysterious silly! I have no idea why he would say that. What is he planning?

  4. I'm bummed that Jin costs 10 freaking mana. Sad FACE!

  5. Whew, yeah! Jin is very expensive but other than that pretty neat. Too bad his cost is so high.

  6. Yeah Vorniclex rocks thoguh Urabask isnt too shabby either and may be the most playable of the Praetors. Also the white chancellor makes me angry, Phyrexian Obliterator is awesome as crap. Im really looking forward to this when it comes out.

  7. Why does the Chancellor of the Annex make you angry?

    And I agree about Phyrexian Obliterator. It's a Mythic Rare that can't be used in every deck playing/splashing Black since it's very mana intensive at BBBB. That's how Mythic Rares should be. Mono Black players get an actual mid-level threat that's beyond playable. Happy days!

  8. My internet connection is terribly slow, I'm looking to switch soon, and so I can't bring up a list of New Phyrexia for exact names now.

    I like the red Chancellor, since my friend and I joke around about Raging Goblin all the time. Red's getting a lot of good cards in my opinion.

    When the majority of the set was leaked in the beginning of the month, I was skeptical. Some of those cards just looked too powerful, suddenly there were colored artifacts when not a single other set in the block used them, and the phyrexian mana symbol seemed like a random new mechanic to add so late in the block.

    Altogether though, the whole thing looks amazing. I'm much more excited for it than I was for besieged.

    Now, completely offtopic but, I was going to play FF12 the other day so I could finally beat it. When I go to open the case, there's literally no game inside. I have no idea where the disc is or what happened to it. That was a little disheartening. So, naturally, I looked through a few boxes to try and find it and I came across a copy of DMC2. I managed to get it working and I think it was a pretty good trade off.

  9. Chancellor of the Forge is boss! He hands you a free Raging Goblin and then in the late game he can bring the beats while bringing a bunch of Goblin buddies at the same time.

    Also, thank you for the random off topic story. :D
    I hope you eventually find your FF12 copy but in the meantime I'm glad some hack and slash action can take its place.

  10. Yup. My friend considered it the worst of the Chancellors when we were discussing the set. I had to point out the uses of a free turn 1 creature and the uses of a group of hasty creatures in the late game. With a particular mention towards Battle Cry, which makes that bunch of 1/1s that much greater. I hope I find myself a copy.

    I'm happy that Sheoldred is the promotional card for the prerelease. This temps me to go even more! Also, the fact that the prerelease will be 3 Scars and 3 New Phyrexia packs makes me want to even more.(I had thought it would be 2 Scars, 2 Besieged and 2 Phyrexia)

    As for FF12, I really do need to give it another shot. There were several reasons I put it off, and very few actually had to do with me disliking the gameplay or story. The biggest factor being the lack of a diversity in playable characters. The game takes place in Ivalice, a world not new to the Final Fantasy series. I absolutely loved the Tactics series and this gave me a lot of high expectations of the game. I was expecting a more diverse roster of playable characters. I REALLY wanted to play as a Bangaa. Anyway, I've decided to look past that, and my other gripes, and will give the game another chance. If I can't find my copy, I'll borrow my girlfriend's copy. XD

  11. The reason the white chancellor makes me angry is because he counters spells. I know all the colors are showing their darker side in this set and their all getting things they dont normally get and so fine white gets a cheap little counterspell like they got in Planar Chaos but why does the white chancellor get to be a counterspell and not the blue one? All the other chancellors do things those colors are known for doing already like adding mana or making speedy little goblin tokens or life drain, why then does white who isnt actually known for their counterpsells since they dont actually get them have the Chancellor who counters spells? Yes I know its only 1 mana to get past it and thats not that difficult to bypass but its the principle, R&D may not have those anymore Chris by by God I still have mine!

  12. @ Opee

    Funny enough, I consider it one of the best. I'm curious how everyone would rank the Chancellors.

    Sheoldred was definitely the best choice as the Prerelease card due to her WOW factor.

    Let me know what you think of FF12 after you finish it.

    @ darthsharkpanch

    They're actually trying to push Counterspells into other colors. They're primarily attempting to push it into White since it's the secondary permission color. A great example is Lapse of Certainty from Conflux.

    It's kind of like how Black and Green just recently got very powerful Haste creatures even though it's not normally an in-color ability: Skittles, Bloodghast, Vengevine, and Gaea's Revenge.

    @ Everyone

    So how would you rank the Chancellors? No one's wrong here, I'm just curious on opinions.

    My personal ranks:
    Red: Free haste creature on turn 1 and being purely efficient in the late game makes this a top pick. It fits into a vast majority of Red decks and feels well worth the 7 mana every time.

    Green: Free mana on turn one? That's Chrome Mox territory we're talking about. The best part is: Green can actually cast this well before turn 7. It does everything Green could want and gets the not so often in-color ability of Vigilance which is especially useful when you're adding it to a 6/7 body that can block most evasive threats all day long.

    Black/Blue: They rank about the same to me. The Black chancellor seems to be geared towards multiplayer games (which is great for me but also narrow). It helps that it has a relevant creature type thanks to all the Vampire support. The Blue Chancellor is rather narrow since it wants to mill and steal spells. Both abilities have potential (especially since they have synergy with one another) and free mill is always welcome in any mill deck but it doesn't fit in every Blue deck.

    White: In the early game you only slow down one spell and the Chancellor itself comes down WAY too late at 7 mana to be utilizing 1 mana permission. By then, if the game isn't already over, they definitely have the mana to pay the extra 1. To top it off, the 5/6 Flying body is worse than either the Blue 5/7 Flying or the Black 6/6 Flying Lifelink.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Overall i am pleased with how the set turned out. For the sake of condensing i will highlight one cycle from the set that has caught my eye.


    I can see Norn being used in many of my white decks and that is simply due to its ability to boost my forces. the fact that it has a decent body, lowers the enemy, and has vigilance is just a few added bonuses.

    Jin's ability to slow down the game for every opponent is amazing. in my opinion its only drawback is that it costs 10 mana to hard cast.

    While Sheoldred has the most disappointing keyword, its other two abilities more then make up for it in my eyes. And while its not a tactic that is employed that often in my play group, there certainly are plenty of
    cards that turn lands into swamps.

    Urabrask is probably my favorite Praetor out of the bunch. Not only is he the easiest to play (Ok maybe tied with Vorinclex b/c of greens mana dorks) but his abilities will speed you up to the finish line which is exactly what any red deck wants to do. In my experience, mono red doesnt like to hang around and chat, it wants to get the job done quickly and then get out and on to the next game.

    To wrap up this post i have to talk about Vorinclex. Just like the other Praetors he does exactly what his color wants him to. He gets you tons of mana and then hangs around to smack the opponent in the face with his 7/6 body and praise be to the maker they remembered to give him trample.

    Now i might be biased since i like the three Praetors that represent the colors i like the most (RWG) Perhaps someone else could help me in singing praise for Jin and Sheoldred.

  15. @ Tevye317

    Urabrask is astounding. A mid-range haste creature that surprise attacks Planeswalkers is already awesome by itself but Urabrask goes two steps further. He locks down your opponent's creatures (Which means they can't block!) and sends your forces in with Haste. I rank him the same as the Red Chancellor for many of the same reasons: he’s super-efficient for his mana cost and useful in the mass majority of Red decks.

    Vorinclex, Elesh Norn, and Sheoldred all rank around the same to me. Vorinclex is a one-sided Heartbeat of Spring combined with a superior Mana Skimmer with legs (and can't forget the trample). Green mages couldn’t be happier.

    Elesh Norn is one of my personal favorites due to her card literally being all about rising against the odds. She can turn the tables in the bleakest of scenarios and I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of "comeback" cards.

    Sheoldred finally brings Reya Dawnbringer to its rightful color while combining that with a more powerful Anowon/Call to the Grave effect. The best part is: the second ability feeds the first. Swampwalk is... meh but she's already well worth her mana cost so I suppose that's acceptable.

    It helps that they're all useful in multiplayer which gets double points in my book.

    Then there's Jin-Gitaxias. I'm honestly bummed about this one since he's my fave Praetor in the story. 10CMC in Blue is ridiculous, his first ability kills you in only a few turns, and his last ability is rather ineffective that late in the game (as in, they won't really have a hand anymore so it doesn't really stop them from doing anything). You literally have to build around this guy (in an attempt to prevent mill suicide and so he can be cast at a reasonable time). All of that being said: I'm still going to play him. I'll find a place for him outside of EDH and definitely abuse this guy as much as possible. The Vorthos part of me won't give up on Jin.

  16. I rank the chancellors pretty much the same, the White chancellor although i didn't like it having a built in Mana Tithe (I think) kinda sucks because that particular counter isn't super effective because you only pay the 1 to get around it. Vorniclex is my favorite of the Praetors but only cuz hes my color and i concede that Urabask is the superior creature. The cycle that caught my eye though and i think is pretty cool is the Splicer cycle, not because it seems really powerful but because i love 2 (or more) for one creatures and not only that but they give the friends they come into play with bonuses and its just cool and it appeals to me very much.

  17. I actually enjoy the Splicers as well. It's interesting how they distributed them across colors:

    White 3 (Blade, Master, and Sensor)
    Blue 1 (Wing)
    Black 0
    Red 0
    Green 2 (Maul and Vital)

  18. yeah i wonder why it is that Black and red dont have one? It makes me happy because now i can make a Golem deck for casual that wont just suck.

  19. Well, it turns out I get to go to the prerelease. I didn't plan to but my friend's desire to, much like a blackhole, sucked me into it as well. Free Sheoldred was also... yeah.

    I don't know if I can pick a favorite out of those two cycles. Obviously, the red from both because they really are just damn good and I focus on red more than anything. Beyond that though, I'd be happy to have any of them. I don't think stopping a first turn drop is really all that bad an ability in the white chancellor. Someone may be able to find a way to use that to their advantage.

  20. @ darthsharkpanch

    Yeah, it's nice to see standalone cards that can also support a tribal deck theme.

    @ Opee

    Please do fill us in on your experience afterward.

    As far as the Chancellor of the Annex comment earlier goes: I realize I only stated the cons and none of the pros. The major pro is when you're up against a speedy aggro deck, you can stall out their first turn and ruin a lot of great setups or early damage (examples: Goblin Guide, Birds of Paradise, etc.).

  21. one thing though about the White Chancellor though is that against Green in the off chance both you and your opponent draws their chancellors in their opening hand the Green player no longer is slowed down on turn one



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