Sunday, April 17, 2011

Updates and Upgrades

How have things been? Did you miss me? Good and bad news on the radar. The good news is: This particular College semester is coming to a close. The bad news is: I'll sadly be taking Summer classes so I'm not in the clear just yet. I'll definitely be updating regardless though as things are slowing down around here.

New Banner
What do you all think of the new look for the site? Check out that new banner at the top courtesy of k4it0u. You should go check out her Deviant Art over here: Don't forget to hand her lots of money and buy her prints. She'll also be accepting commissions soon so if you want a character drawn, a banner, or some sweet fan art, then you know who to call.

Contact Page
I didn't properly announce it but I finally added a Contact page at the top in the navigation bar. Make sure to keep in touch and let me know what kind of articles you want me to post or else you'll just have to wait for me to surprise you.

Another major update is the navigation menus. I took the time to gather every single URL necessary to list all the major links. So for example, you can click on D&D at the top and find all of my articles neatly organized for your convenience. Now you no longer have to search them out yourselves. Dreams really do come true!

The low down on the down low
Anime I'm currently watching for this season:
X-Men 2011
Tiger and Bunny
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
Ao No Exorcist

I recommend checking them all out immediately.

D&D news:
Heroes of Shadow is out this month and you should pick up a copy if you're remotely interested.

Magic news:
New Phyrexia was announced forever ago even though it was so beyond obvious what would happen. I'll be posting about it soon enough. There's finally juicy info instead of just pictures. Phyrexian mana looks promising.

Video Games:
Project Cafe is a big deal. That's the codename for Nintendo's new console. There will be a huge reveal at E3 in June. Current info includes the fact that it will be backwards compatible, a full dual analog controller that's similar to the GameCube controller, and the controller itself will have a mini screen that can stream the game directly much like a miniature TV. Is Nintendo attempting to blend console and portable gaming? Who knows. Take these rumors with a grain of salt but do know that they come from multiple sources and Nintendo hasn't denied any of it.

Question of the moment:
If I were to make videos, what would you want to see? Reviews? Let's Plays? D&D sessions? Random skits? Me dressed up in a bear costume and harassing people on the streets? No idea is too crazy. Comment below!

This is Kylak signing out and awaiting your ideas.


  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I love what you did to the site and it looks great!
    Also, you should do all the above on the videos at the same time.

  2. Dressing up in a bear costume and harassing people on the streets while doing a Let's Play with random skits as I review something during the middle of a D&D session?

    That's crazy enough to work.

    Any other suggestions? What's something YOU would want to watch? Or... what are some things you already like to watch on Youtube or wherever?

  3. Heck yeah, tots do it! It shall be epic.

    Hmmm, I tend to watch only music videos on YouTube, but I would watch whatever you do film. Let's Play, skits, D&D sessions, interviews, the whole package.

  4. Music Videos you say? *ponders*

  5. Maybe make an AMV or a parody of something?

  6. =D I really like how the site looks. Really nice I must say. DeviantArt hasn't been working for me lately. My ISP is really terrible, looking to change from satellite to cable soon. Anyway, I like what you do with the site already. I tend to watch a lot of reviews and whatnot, on thatguywiththeglasses, so those are always cool. And as the reviews you post on here are pretty good, I'm sure the reviews you'd do in a video would also be just as good. XD Though I haven't seen you nor have I heard you talk. So that's definitely a big factor.

  7. @ Raii
    So now I just need spiffy video editing software. One step closer.

    @ Opee
    Opee's gold stamp of approval yeah? That's always good to hear. Thanks for the compliments kind sir.

    Those are also very valid points: my face and my voice. Luckily I have confidence that both of those shouldn't be an issue.

    Now to think of ideas while writing more posts... hmmmmmmmm

  8. Yeah, you'll do just fine because you have a great voice and good looks :D.

    Get to it on getting awesome editing software!

  9. Oh snapz!

    *stares at Adobe Premiere*

    One day! Just not now.



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