Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leak Sauce #14 EDH/Commander Decks

Leaking info to you and bringing the discussion.

While I did cover the Commander products previously when they were announced, there is quite a bit more info this time around and there happens to be some new tidbits that just surfaced. Topical joy!

For those of you just tuning in, here's the link to the original post (here) and the product page (here).

Quick Reminders

Release Date: June 17
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
New Cards: Legal in Eternal Formats (51 new cards total with 15 new legends)

Slightly Older-than-dirt Info

Heavenly Inferno

Mirror Mastery


Political Puppets

Devour for Power

Slightly New-ish-but-not-really Info

Ultra Pro Commander Deck Box
(Holds 100 sleeved cards and approximately 25 oversized sleeved cards)

Brand Spankin New Info

Things we can assume thanks to the Achievement Card from the Launch Page (here).
- Each deck will include a "Command Tower" that can produce mana.
- Join Forces will be some kind of mechanic where you pay mana for a spell someone else plays.
- Kaalia (wbr commander) deals with Angels, Demons, and Dragons or they're simply prominent in the deck.
- Riku (urg commander) seems to make tokens that are copies of your own creatures.
- Ghave (bgw commander) most likely creates Saproling tokens.
- Zedruu (rwu commander) strangely gives your permanents to other players.
- The Mimeoplasm (gub commander) enters the battlefield with +1/+1 counters and gains keyword abilities.

EDIT - June 1st, 2011 - UPDATE

Previewed in today's arcana:
Each deck will be coming with a copy of Sol Ring (the staple EDH card that would normally cost $15). That's spectacular news!

Also previewed: Lightning Greaves
Which isn't as exciting but still glad to know that they're reprin it for EDH purposes.

EDIT - June 3rd - UPDATE

Sewer Nemesis was added to the visual spoiler:

A Lhurghoyf variant that feeds itself with milling but only gets to feed off of one graveyard.

Also announced on the official commander forums:

This preview shows off the Join Forces mechanic that was mentioned before.

Edit - June 22, 2011 - Update

I almost forgot to add this. Here's my review and guide for the different Commander decks:

This is Kylak signing out and wondering if I should start posting EDH/Commander articles...


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