Monday, June 20, 2011

Critical Playtesting #7 The Ranger

Playtesting different classes and races so you'll give them a shot.

Tevye requested this article specifically and I'm here to deliver.
The Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Ranger is quite the popular class of choice and it's easy to see why. Being a Ranger not only means you're the king of the damage dealing department but you're also a swift hunter that can hold your own in a fight. Rangers get to choose from a variety of styles of ass-kicking to take on anyone that becomes their quarry.

1) King of damage - You're the one everyone else looks up to when trying to min/max to kill things more quickly. You're swift and efficient without leaving any kind of mess. Between Hunter's Quarry, Prime Shot (which can be modified for melee combat instead of ranged), plenty of powers that let you attack twice, powers that let you attack as interrupts, and numerous damage bonus feats, it's very difficult for you to not kill things.

2) Mobility - You're a hunter at heart and you're able to ambush with the best of them. Being a Striker, mobility is one of the key things you're known for.

3) Weapon proficiencies - You get to match the Fighter when it comes to the sheer number of weapon proficiencies you get out of the gate. Not many can hold that title. All simple and all military for melee and ranged weapons are at your disposal.

4) Wide range of styles - Maybe you prefer dual wielding like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts? Perhaps firing arrows like Hawkeye from Marvel Comics? What about an animal companion like Kirara from Inuyasha? There are five styles in total (at least as I'm writing this) and each offers many paths to take with their respective theme.

5) Survivability - You can rest assured that you can hold your own in the thick of combat. You've got a variety of ways to gain extra HP and AC bonuses on top of your interrupts to negate enemy attacks. Beastmaster Rangers even give up some of the damage perks for an extra HP source. Let's not forget that you can easily switch to a bow and arrow to keep your distance at any point. You're a solid striker and your Father isn't a glass maker.

6) Skills - You not only get more skills than many of the other classes but you get some of the best to choose from in the game. That means you're handy in and out of combat. You lucky dog.

This is Kylak signing out and dual wielding cheeseburgers which isn't quite the same thing as being a Ranger.


  1. Nice job in highlighting all the brilliant points of the Ranger. I think the next time i build a ranger i might try out the duel wielding style.

  2. Thankiez. What shall you dual wield? If I had to pick a powerful weapon in a D&D setting it would be dual wielding mountain lions. I'm sure that nothing would go wrong with that scenario. If I dare make it to higher levels then I'm switching them out for Beholders.

  3. lol the only issue with dual wielding creatures is im pretty sure they would only count as improvised weapons : P

    As for what i would do, i think i need to look over the available weapons before i say for sure. There are a massive amount of options. ^_^

  4. Haha! There's totally a feat for that... There has to be...
    <.< >.>

    Sounds like a plan.

  5. a feat for dual wielding creaures? sounds like some crazy DM created content to me, wonder if a certain DM i know would instate such a thing...maybe just in a one night humerous encounter sort of thing. Not for a permanent campaign of course.

  6. We should totally have a joke campaign night after you guys feel comfortable enough with the rules to bend them in half haha. I'll gladly DM it. :P

  7. I want to dual wield two double-XL sharks skilled in the arts of fighting and uxing lightsabers. Also, they have extremely good sense of humor so killing is always a joy.

  8. That. IS. EPIC!!! (Seriously... that was win)

    I'll see your dual sharks and raise you dual wielding a hydra in one hand and a gold dragon in the other. Each Hydra head has a different sense of humor (one tells knock knock jokes, the next has sarcastic wit, another makes topical political commentary jokes, etc.). The Dragon is able to shapeshift into whacky objects such as a squeaky banana, a tennis racket, or even a go-kart. They both have wacky accents and a strong affection for cheese and fine wine.

    Actually... Jedi Knight Sharks with wicked humor is still probably kewler. This has come full circle from our discussion of Jedi Knight Sharks falling out of vending machines the other night. That brings me joy. :D



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