Friday, June 17, 2011

Leak Sauce #18 New Planeswalker: Ral Zarek

Leaking info to you and bringing the discussion.

A huge thanks goes out to Nitz in the forums for playing around with the files in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 to find this. Basically, this guy doesn't appear to exist in the game "yet" nor have we ever heard of him in any storyline but his artwork and decklist are files in the game itself. There's a chance that he may be future DLC and everyone's hoping that he'll be printed as a real card.

His name is Ral Zarek and he's a Blue/Red mage. You may also notice that his clothing and steam punk devices fit the style guide for the Izzet League from Ravnica perfectly. Keen eyes can also compare the different Plains from Ravnica to Ral's background. The Plains of Ravnica also show a massive cityscape, (since Ravnica is one giant city that stretches across the entire Plane) gothic architecture (Orzhov), and floating castles.

In the current storylines, Ravnica is no longer a city of guilds and it's not closed off from the other Planes anymore. Jace and Gideon have both been known to visit there for different reasons (I'm not going to waste time explaining that right now) and there is chance that the Plane itself might be revisited in a future set.

It's also important to note that just because this artwork and character are obviously of Ravnica origin doesn't mean that he'll show up in a Ravnica set. The original five Planeswalkers were printed in Lorwyn even though they've never been there and Sorin Markov most likely isn't shown on Zendikar in his card art. If we're lucky then Ral Zarek might be printed in Innistrad and his backstory will simply include that he was born on Ravnica or perhaps visited there at the very least. Planeswalkers are not tied to any individual Plane thanks to the very thing they're known for: Planeswalking.

For those of you curious about another new Planeswalker that doesn't have a card currently then I suggest you take a look at this older link here:
Kiora Atua is also from Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 and she also shares a color with Ral since she's a Blue/Green mage. She commands leviathans, krakens, and other creatures of the deep as well as the tides themselves.

This is Kylak signing out and hoping Ral and Kiora get printed ASAP!


  1. Shut. Everything. Down.
    This is awesome! I'm glad to see a new planeswalker and he has some style. Hope to see him printed also!

  2. I know right? New planeswalkers are always exciting. :D

    Ral seems like a smug badass while Kiora feels majestic and free. I luv them both.

    The creative team gave a statement that makes it seem like Kiora won't be in Innistrad and that would be a damn shame. Since they haven't even mentioned this guy there's no telling if he's in the same boat or not.

  3. What? A new planeswalker and its my favorite combination of colors? Give me 7. I get the feeling it will be out in an expansion and it will be in Innistrad. Only because, if you look at the first DotP, it had Rhys and other planeswalkers from Zendikar that weren't out yet as expansions(I think so anyway, I didn't look up the date of its release but it looks like it was released around Shards and then added Zendikar). So this too will follow that format and be released at Scars and have expansions that branch into Innistrad and possibly the block that follows.

    Does this mean we'll have two planeswalkers from Izzet? Not printed yet of course, as Niv doesn't have a PW card yet either.

  4. WotC commented on Rhys and Niv-Mizzet (I hope I'm not forgetting any but I might be) since neither are actual Planeswalkers in the storyline. They stated something along the lines of: we didn't have a Planeswalker to fill that void so we just added a character to represent those color combinations. There was also mention that Rhys and Niv will most likely never be actual Planeswalkers much like they mentioned they may never print an actual Kiora Atua card.

    I think the key here is: People were not only confused by that decision but also seemed to complain since they want Niv to be a Planeswalker. So I think they're fixing it this time around by making an actual Blue/Red Planeswalker that could be a potential print in a future set.

    Regardless of all that crap I just said: In the super late future we will probably see two Izzet colored Planeswalkers for sure. Whether we get Niv or not though... that depends on a LOT of factors.

  5. That's a little bit disappointing. I was not aware of such an announcement. Dangling things like that in our face and then taking it away. Oh well I suppose we'll just have to get over it and move on. I miss the simpler times when creatures were main characters more often than planeswalkers anyway.

  6. The funny thing is: if we ever did revisit Lorwyn or Ravnica in the distant future, it would be so ridiculously easy to turn Rhys and Niv into Planeswalkers. Can you imagine Duel Decks: Rhys VS Niv-Mizzet? That would be epic.

    Yeah. I miss the times when each set had its own novel and Planeswalkers and regular characters were equally important in the grand scheme of things.

  7. XD I totally agree, that would be seriously awesome.

    I just noticed something... Ral Zarek, Rauzaruk. Get it? Because there's lightning in the background? What, no one watched Zatch Bell?

  8. That was an impressive reference haha.



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