Friday, June 10, 2011

More Updates Than Your Body Has Room For!

- All Geeks Rejoice has gone mobile! This is all thanks to Google/Blogger implementing a mobile template. So make sure to test this out and bookmark All Geeks Rejoice on your mobile devices as well.

- If you'll look at the top right (where it states in the most subtle of ways: SHARE THIS PAGE) you'll notice the shiny new share buttons that desperately want your clicks and attention. You can now share any page of this site to just about any form of social media or social bookmarking website thanks to the giant orange + button and its healthy list of options in the drop down menu. Not only does it spread the word that this site exists but it makes you that much more awesome of a human being (or other species, entity, or whatever you might be... I can't leave out entities since Cthulhu reads this site and he would be so peeved if I forgot about him).

- The Google +1 Button exists now (you'll notice on the left that I have affectionately given it the title of the 1UP button). You can also find a duplicate +1 Button at the bottom of every post. How does it work you ask? Basically, it works just like any other +1 button (examples: Facebook has the Like button, Digg has the thumbs up, etc.). Once you click it, it tells others, "Hey! This is some super keen stuff right here." If you have any particular favorite articles on this site then please do +1 those separately as well. I appreciate any help that you can give.

- All Geeks Rejoice has a Facebook Page!
Here's the link:
Liking the All Geeks Rejoice Facebook Page is the easiest thing you can do since everyone and their mom already has a Facebook of their own. It's a simple click and you can share it with everyone else on your Facebook page and spread the word! There are a couple of discussion posts going on right now where you can share your thoughts and opinions and I'm looking forward to what you have to say.

- Still updating older posts (hence the lack of updates lately).

Exciting things to come:
-The EDH/Commander decklist reviews.
-My thoughts on E3 2011.
-Working on several D&D posts as we speak with more DM and player advice.
-Also several Anime reviews.
-A new type of article about video games.
-More MTG decklists, tips, and vorthos articles coming soon.

Need advice for D&D or MTG? Is there an Anime you aren't sure about watching and want me to do a review by request? Is there a hilarious video you found on Youtube that you want to share?
Email me with your question or video and it might appear in an article on the site (with your permission of course).

This is Kylak signing out and leaving this post up for a few days so no one accidentally misses what's going on. The forecast seems to be a downpour of articles to follow shortly after these next few days of clear skies.


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