Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trigun: Badlands Rumble U.S. Theater Dates!

*Warning - Heavy references throughout this post because Kylak is a total fanboy.*

Listen up everyone! The humanoid typhoon is hitting theaters in the U.S.! If you're a fan of the show or just Anime in general then you seriously need to throw down some double dollars and grab a ticket.

Why you must see it:
Yasuhiro Nightow and Satoshi Nishimura pretty much made this for us. It's actually thanks to the U.S. fanbase that this project was ever created. Who knows? If enough support is shown, more good things might come of this. I'm asking for all hunters of peace to do your part.

About the movie:
- The movie itself doesn't occur at the end of the main story. It's basically a "what-if" storyline that easily fits somewhere in the middle of the original series.
- New characters are introduced that are just as lovable as any from the series.
- Needle noggin and our favorite priest make their triumphant return.

The only bad news:
- Johnny Yong Bosch is the only returning voice actor for the English dub cast. It's a shame that Jeff Nimoy wasn't able to return as Wolfwood but I'm reserving judgment of the new voice until after I see the dub version (I've only seen the sub version of the Film so far).

When and where will it be showing?
-FUNimation actually wants to show this movie in more areas. All you have to do is go to the link below and demand it to play in your area. If there is enough demand then there might be a local release near you.
Link: http://eventful.com/performers/trigun-badlands-rumble-/P0-001-000246900-2/top-demands

Here's the list of current release dates on FUNimation's official blog:

This is Kylak signing out and promoting LOVE AND PEACE!


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