Sunday, June 26, 2011

Video Spotlight #26 Meet the Medic

Sharing videos I managed to find scattered across the internet.

Looks like I'm fashionably late with a video once again. I've been terribly busy and already this video is all over the entire reaches of the internet. Even the darkest corners where the sun doesn't shine and Unicorns don't even have horns or magic. Seriously. Shit is dark. If you are one of the few that hasn't seen this delicious cup of tea then I think you need to get to it. Meet the Medic is the embedded video below but since it's the newest video in the "Meet the..." series of Team Fortress 2 introductions, I decided to link to all of the others to catch you up to speed. You know I spoil you. Go on. Admit it.

"Meet them all" is a compilation video someone posted that includes:
Meet the Engineer
Meet the Soldier
Meet the Demoman
Meet the Heavy
Meet the Sandvich
Meet the Scout
Meet the Sniper
And you can find the link right behind door number 1:

Meet the Spy is one of my personal favorites and that would be behind door number 2:

And now! The newest and possibly best video in the series:

Did you catch that at the end? Team Fortress 2 is now Free! FOREVER! And possibly ever. Grab that shit on Steam and get in there. You know you want to.

This is Kylak signing out and wondering when "Meet the Pyro" will finally be released.


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