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Leak Sauce #20 Innistrad Spoilers

Leaking info to you and bringing the discussion.

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Latest Update to this page: September 15th, 2011.

Richard Garfield?
Richard Garfield is on the design team? Alright... you've got my attention. For the few that may not know: Richard Garfield is the creator of Magic the Gathering and the last set that he was on the design team for was Ravnica. This is serious business.

So what is Innistrad all about?
Thanks to the artwork above, we know that Liliana Vess is definitely involved in some shape or form and that she's still holding onto the Chain Veil (a powerful magic item). We also know that the tagline is: "Horror Lurks Within" which definitely previews the atmosphere of the set. Sounds like peachy Unicorns and rainbows. Nothing is more horrifying. Am I right?

As it turns out, the set won't be nearly as terrifying as an entire plane of Unicorns but instead will be based on classical gothic horror. This is the first block ever designed completely based on top-down design principles. Basically, the concepts are made first and the mechanics follow. Flavor is the focus this time around and so every major classical horror theme will most likely exist in this block. The major mechanics are split between the graveyard and the tribes of Innistrad. Graveyard mechanics primarily involve flashback with a heavy focus on "graveyard matters" abilities. One such ability is Morbid, which grants a bonus if a creature died that turn. Another major theme in Innistrad is transformation. Cards can meet certain requirements to transform into something else. This involves flipping the card over (like a modified version of Kamigawa's flip cards). For those that don't have sleeves and don't want to cheat by knowing what card they're going to draw from their deck, since both sides have art, there is a checklist card to take the place of what card you own. It's actually a thousand times easier to understand than what I'm describing but take a look at this link regardless:

The tribes of Innistrad include:
Vampires (Red and Black)
Vampires in Black are nothing new but Red vampires are around on Innistrad due to their bloodlust (as MaRo said, "and nobody does lust like Red"). Red vampires have the "Slith" mechanic of gaining +1/+1 counters from connecting with a player's face. The vampires of Innistrad are predominantly members of royalty. There are different bloodlines including the Markov family (as in, Sorin Markov, and yes it has been announced that Innistrad is Sorin's home plane).

Zombies (Black and Blue)
Zombies in Black are well known while Zombies in Blue have a new identity. Blue zombies are made in the lab and are known for being a bit sturdier but requiring more resources to be played such as exiling creature cards from the graveyard. Many of the Black zombies in Innistrad come into play tapped to signify them being slow and/or are represented as waves of token armies (much like in a proper zombie apocalypse).

Werewolves (Green and Red)
Bestial creatures that represent rage? Yep, that sounds Green and Red to me. Werewolves get to show off the transform mechanic more than any other race on Innistrad. They're pretty much everything you'd expect werewolves to be and I sadly don't have much else to say beyond that.

Spirits (Blue and White)
Vicious spirits reside in Blue while Casper the friendly ghost and others just like him exist in White (to go along with the theme that White is separate from the other colors in this block). Spirits also technically bleed into every color, much like humans. Beyond the simple concept of flying, Spirits also play around with the idea of humans dieing and becoming spirits.

Humans (White and Green)
The humans play a vital role in Innistrad. They're the victims and slayers of the monsters. They're generally in White which was designed to be the color isolated from the others but they also branch out into every other color of the color pie with their secondary color being Green to keep up with the allied color theme of the set. Humans are designed to work well in numbers and use tools like a boss. There are several equipment cards that gain extra bonuses if wielded by a human.

A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad

What cards have been previewed?
All previous information in this section has been deleted since we have the handy dandy visual spoiler on the official site:

Basic Info:
Set Name: Innistrad
Block: Set 1 of 3 in the Innistrad block
Number of Cards: 264
Release Date: September 30, 2011

Prerelease Events: September 24-25, 2011
Launch Parties: September 30-October 3, 2011
Magic Online Release Date: October 17, 2011
Game Day: October 29-30, 2011

Design Team:
Mark Rosewater (lead)
Richard Garfield
Jenna Helland
Graeme Hopkins
Tom LaPille

Development Team:
Erik Lauer (lead)
Mark L. Gottlieb
David Humpherys
Tom LaPille
Adam Lee
Kenneth Nagle

Arcana #666? Coincidence? I think not.

This is Kylak signing out and hoping for a hint of Lovecraftian horror. Cthulhu agrees.


  1. =D I've been waiting for your article on this. Heck, I've been waiting for more information on this to come up, or rather, for M12 to be done with so we can move onto this.

    Richard Garfield being on the design team caught my eye first. I remember opening him in a pack of Unhinged back in my early days of Magic. At that time I literally didn't know who he was but my gut instincts said, "He created Magic." Of course, I was correct.

    What I didn't know, until I saw the preview for this set, was that he worked on Ravinca. I really didn't pay as much attention to that kind of thing back in the early days because I lacked internet and I was young. In some ways, I consider that to be a little better because I was opening packs with no idea what I might see inside. There was that feeling of mystery. Maybe I'd see a card I'd never even heard of or maybe I'd get something that I have a million of.

    Of course, there are benefits to knowing sets in and out. For one, I know immediately if there are actually any cards I want in it to spend my money on it in the first place. Usually there are but sometimes the things I dislike outweigh the things I like and it's better not to buy packs and wait for others to so I can do some trading.

    Anyway, I've drifted far off topic. Here's what I'm really hoping for in this set: Gargoyles. I don't care about graveyard heavy cards, I don't care about vampires. I want Gargoyle tribal and I want it to be incredible. If they do this, they will have my money for sure.

  2. Haha. Yeah I've been waiting for more info before I posted this. I kept thinking... gah, they'll murder me if my Innistrad spoiler starts off with just a single image.

    Gargoyle support would be pretty awesome and it would give White a different creature type to play around with. At least I'm assuming they would be primarily White due to Gargoyles of the past. No joke, my favorite White creature card of all time is Stonecloaker so I totally agree with you.

  3. It's still pretty crazy how Liliana doesn't have those markings anymore. Insanity! I can't wait until the whole set come out. Win saucity :3.

  4. XD Yeah, I've seen some nice Gargoyles in the past but it's not as popular a creature type as it could be. Then I heard Innistrad was a gothic plane and that immediately game into mind. What gothic plane would be complete with gothic architecture? Still, my obsession with it is well beyond what it should be. I imagine vampires will still be heavy black, so they do need some creature types for other colors.

    I plan to hold my Magic money for this set though. Gotta see what it brings.

  5. @ Wafflesaurus
    Yeah I wasn't sure if I should mention that as I'm not positive if she's just able to hide the curse marks or if she's managed to take care of the other three demons she made a pact with. If the latter is true though then some serious shit is going to go down.

    @ Opee
    Agreed. I hope we get to see a style guide at some point to be clued in on what's to come.

  6. Alright, after seeing those three announced tribes, I'm going to assume we have two color combinations left: White/Blue, and White/Green. Judging by the art on Wreath of Geists, I assume white/green will be human. Probably consisting Monster Hunter type characters like Van Helsing.

    This leaves one color combination left. And as you've heard me ranting consistently for Gargoyles, that is what I hope we get. I think the only problem is that Gargoyles aren't often depicted as sentient and that seems to be a qualification for being one of the main tribes here.

  7. Yep. White/Green has been confirmed to be Human it would seem. Monster hunters and victims galore.

    I hate to say it but I believe White/Blue is confirmed as Ghosts/Spirits. The good news is that we'll obviously see more than just these five races so we might still see some Gargoyles. They just won't be a supported tribe.

  8. Yeah, I found out shortly after my post that is was going to be spirits(Geists I guess, short for poltergeists I'm sure). I'm really looking forward to werewolves now though. I love the way they've been depicted thus far.



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