Thursday, July 14, 2011

MTG Tips #3 Top 7 Ways to Handle Mill

Tips and tricks for Magic the Gathering players.

What is mill you ask? Milling is an alternate win condition that involves decking the opponent (getting rid of the cards in their library). This forces them to lose because they can no longer draw cards. As Yami Yugi would say, "Mind crush!"

There are plenty of players that dread mill as if it were some horrific disease. It sucks the fun out of the game for them and I just can't sit idly by and let that continue. Let's tackle this beast. Below are seven ways to handle mill like it's no big deal.

1) Outrace
Milling is the slowest possible win condition in the game. Dealing 20 damage is always easier than milling 60 cards. It also helps that more game mechanics benefit from or give benefits for dealing damage. You've already got the advantage before the game even begins.

2) Punish
Reanimation, graveyard effects, and multiple mechanics. They just milled twenty cards? Well that ensures that your reanimation spell has a larger assortment of targets without you putting in the extra effort. Threshold, Flashback, and other mechanics benefit from a larger graveyard or being in the graveyard.

3) Anti-Mill
Eldrazi Titans and cards like Feldon's Cane are prime examples of cards that almost always win against mill decks. A totally viable strategy is putting a single copy of an Eldrazi titan in your deck (such as Kozilek). This way you'll almost never draw into it but if it's ever milled it will shuffle itself and your entire graveyard back into your library. The only mill cards that get around this are ones that exile the cards rather than putting them in the graveyard.

4) Disruption
Discard, counterspells, and all of the other essentials of disruption can make sure mill spells never get unleashed.

5) Removal
Some of the best mill cards are actually permanents such as Jace, Hedron Crab, and Memory Erosion because they have repeatable effects. Packing some removal spells to take care of these will keep your thoughts intact.

6) Untargetable
The vast majority of mill cards state they have to target a player. By playing something like Leyline of Sanctity, you're suddenly in a safe zone.

7) Ignore
Part of the game of Magic involves keeping a level head and making the right decisions. Too often I see players get so worked up over mill that it actually costs them the match simply because they aren't playing at their best. Simply ignoring what's happening to your library or the fact that your graveyard has a few more friends than usual will go a long way in making sure you stay focused and take the opponent out.

This is Kylak signing out and feeling no ill will toward mill.


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