Friday, July 29, 2011

Video Spotlight #34 Sequelitis: Castlevania 1 vs. Castlevania 2

Sharing videos I managed to find scattered across the internet.

Most likely you already know Egoraptor from his numerous videos (Awesome Series, Girlchan in Paradise, Lemon & Bill, etc.) and if not then you should drop all of your plans for the evening and get to watching them immediately. Get your priorities straight!

Sequelitis is a new series Egoraptor has created where he brings insightful discussion of video game sequels. The video is a mixture of what succeeded, what failed, and a splash of Egoraptor humor to fill in the gaps for your entertainment.

This is Kylak signing out but don't be afraid to discuss all things Egoraptor (and more specifically this video) below in the comments.


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