Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Critical Playtesting #8 The Warden

Playtesting different classes and races so you'll give them a shot.

You’re the staunchiest of the staunch and one of the few that can yell, “None shall pass!” and mean it. You’re built to last longer than mountains as your defenses are the best in the game. The day you crash to your knees in battle is a cold day in hell. You are a Primal Defender. You are a Warden.

1) Guiness Records for HP
You surpass every other class in the hit points category. Your HP is so high you wouldn’t be able to commit seppuku even if you tried.

2) Twice the Savings
Unique to your class is the ability to have an extra chance at saving during the beginning of every turn. You easily shrug off would-be annoying effects like Sleep, Daze, Stun, Knock-knock jokes, etc.

3) Even more Defense?
Having the highest HP and getting double the amount of saving throws would normally be enough for most people but not for you. You go above and beyond the call of duty. Not only do the majority of your utility powers also help keep you standing but many of your daily powers and feats help in this regard as well. Are you sure your ancestors weren’t diamonds? You’re built to last like one.

4) Making your Mark
Wardens can mark every enemy adjacent to them. For those that don’t want to count: that’s 8 marks. This leads into the next category.

5) Different kind of Sticky
Wardens play rather differently from most Defenders. Rather than relying on their class features for their stickiness, they have to rely on their powers. Wardens are essentially black holes. Any enemies that dare get too close will get pulled in, slowed, or immobilized and eventually cease to exist. Being a black hole is pretty awesome since you can just stand by your allies and instantly have an advantage over any enemy that wants to come into range to attack the party.

6) Transform and Roll Out!
The Warden’s daily powers actually transform the Warden into an avatar of nature. There are plenty of options such as growing wings, gaining rock-plated skin, breathing fire, or farting lightning. You’ve got to admit that’s a pretty awesome selling point.

This is Kylak signing out and hoping you transform the comments section below into a force of nature as well.


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