Thursday, August 11, 2011

Critical Playtesting #9 The Druid

Playtesting different classes and races so you'll give them a shot.

Whether you want to change into beasties or summon an animal companion to fight by your side (to clarify: you pick one or the other), this class is probably for you. Let's jump right into the selling points this time around shall we?

1) Pick a role. Any role.
Druids can be built around almost any role. The only thing they aren’t as proficient with is being a primary Defender but anything else is fair game (Primary: Controller, Leader, or Striker. Secondary: Striker, Controller, Leader, or Defender.). Almost every role combination in the game is possible which is a rarity among class choices.

2) Versatile Ass-Kicking.
You’re not just versatile in what roles you can build around but also how you stomp face. Shape shifting, animal companions, ranged AOE, ranged control, ranged heavy damage, weapon attacks, beast form attacks, close implement attacks, healing, stun effects, bull rushes, and the list just goes on. That's more than 10 different flavors of pain! With extra calcium and no added preservatives!

3) We like to move it move it.
You’re more maneuverable than an Arwing doing barrel rolls! Wild Shape and many Druid powers actually hand out free minor action shifts. Sentinel Druids get to move themselves and their animal companion each round which is twice the amount of movement a single character gets (especially when you take into account if you're immobilized, your companion can still move or vice versa).

4) I choose you *insert random summon*!
So apparently the Druid is the best summoner in the game. Fancy that. That kind of speaks for itself so let's move on.

5) HP-BBQ Sauce!
Your HP and healing surge count is on level with most leaders, better than most strikers, and far beyond any controller. Plus, most Druid builds use Con as a secondary stat which helps your HP even more. Primal classes tend to have higher HP than most other classes and the Druid continues this trend.

6) Roleplaying opportunities.
Seriously think about it. Druids live a life kind of outside the norm and most likely come from a tribe with very interesting customs and traditions. There are a lot of angles to play around with when it comes to respecting nature. Add to that the fact that you can either change into other animals or that you might have your own animal companion brings along even more opportunities.

This is Kylak signing out and inviting you to party it up like an animal in the comments section below.


  1. If the druid is as good with an animal companion as you say then it makes me question why anyone would choose the beastermaster ranger over this. What are your thoughts on this Point?

  2. You just opened a giant bag of chips my friend. haha! I'm glad you asked though. That's a great question.

    As far as Ranger builds go, many were not pleased overall with the Beastmaster Ranger. Now given, it's not a bad build by any means, it's just not going to dish out the damage that a regular Ranger can pull off and many prefer playing the Ranger for being the king of damage.

    All of that being said, the main reason you might still pick the Beastmaster Ranger over the Sentinel Druid build is that you would prefer still being a Ranger overall since their play style is dramatically different (as well as feat support, paragon paths, etc.). Rangers are pretty much always Strikers but the Sentinel Druid build is a Leader.

    Outside of roles and builds, another reason players might not like the Sentinel Druid is that it's from the Essentials books and so your options are very limited on how you can create your character.

    Off the top of my head, those are the main reasons. I hope that helps.

  3. Hmm good point. I had not thought about the feat and paragon support for the beast master ranger. Also i have a bad habit of blurring roles of different classes



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