Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Story Seeds #3 (Dungeon Theme)

D&D story seeds and adventure hooks for you to steal.

Prepare yourself for this week's theme is Dungeons! Was there ever a doubt?

21) A labyrinth of traps, riddles, and secret doors (Indiana Jones meets The Minotaur’s Labyrinth).
22) An underground library hidden in the sand (Avatar the Last Airbender).
23) Ruins of a forbidden and forgotten land (Shadow of the Colossus).
24) A submerged city awaits adventurers with a terrible secret (Atlantis and/or Rapture).
25) A dungeon concealed among frozen mountains and caves that houses a powerful artifact. (Uncharted 2).
26) A mysterious jungle that’s dense enough to be similar to a dungeon. No one that entered the jungle has ever returned and rumors spread about the circumstances of the lost travelers.
27) A dungeon made from arcane arts. Glowing sigils makeup the ground, enchanted walls surround the adventurers, and magical traps, runes, and objects are abound.
28) An ancient temple that was designed by a religious group as a last defense against outsiders and non-believers.
29) A dungeon made out of hardened crystals that reflect sources of light to unlock passageways.
30) Floating rocks lead to a cave entrance in the sky. Strange clouds loom above.

This is Kylak signing out and reminding you not to get trapped in your own ideas or your own dungeons.


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