Saturday, December 17, 2011

Decklist Ex Machina #12 Proliferation Nation

Coming up with fun decklists so you don't have to.

Ever since the sheer joy of placing poison counters on whatever the hell I wanted was a reality (seriously, I was placing these things on books, faces, cats, your mom, and anything else in sight), I knew that I had to make a poison deck. But that just wasn’t insane enough for me. Not at all! So I started staring at the Proliferate keyword until I burned a hole through a card and realized that proliferation was for me. I wanted to proliferate “all the things” and so I began engineering this fine piece of machinery. I give you: Proliferation Nation!

Necropede 4
Ichor Rats 3
Blighted Agent 3
Viral Drake 3
Skithiryx, the Blighted Dragon 2

Contagion Engine 2
Tezzeret's Gambit 4
Black Sun's Zenith 3
Everflowing Chalice 3
Go for the Throat 4
Corrupted Resolve 3
Ponder 3

Darkslick Shores 4
Inkmoth Nexus 3
Swamp 8
Island 8

Let’s start with how this machine rolls. You only need to get 1 poison counter through and then you can proliferate up to 10 easily. Ultimately, this is a Black/Blue Control deck (mmm my favorite) and so it should be played as such. Though there is a strange twist in that you have early drops that happen to be creatures. Necropede is your friend. He does triple duty by being a threatening wall, he's removal: sometimes he can kill two creatures on his own (his infect + his leaves the battlefield ability), and he can attack to get poison counters on the opponent. Ichor Rats and Blighted Agent force poison counters regardless of what the opponent wants which is also helpful. Let's not forget Inkmoth Nexus who swings overhead and ignores Black Sun's Zenith. All of the infect counters can be proliferated later so don't worry about them mostly being 1/1 creatures.

Ponder acts as early filtering and Everflowing Chalice can be played as you please because you can proliferate the counters to get insane amounts of mana later for an early Skithiryx or Contagion Engine. Go for the Throat, Corrupted Resolve, and Black Sun's Zenith are your main control elements. Black Sun's Zenith is insane in this deck. If you need to kill something massive and don't have enough mana then you can simply proliferate the counters later. The fact that it's repeatable board sweep thanks to it getting shuffled back into your library furthers the insanity level.

Late game revolves around Skittles (Skithiryx), Viral Drake, Tezzeret's Gambit, and the Contagion Engine itself. Skittles is quite the finisher. He can win games by himself and he's easy to take care of thanks to his regeneration. Viral Drake is fantastic. That four defense is nothing to sneeze at and some aggro decks just can't handle it. The fact that it can proliferate multiple times a turn means you'll be putting that Everflowing Chalice to use. Tezzeret's Gambit is pretty self explanatory here.

The deck originally ran Contagion Clasp but that just wasn’t enough proliferation even if it's more practical (psshh practical). You don’t bring that weak ass stuff up in here. So I tossed it. Plus, let’s face it: the Contagion Engine encompasses everything this deck wants to do: MOAR proliferation because MOAR! The fact that it doubles as additional boardsweep is just the icing on this deliciously evil cake.

As a final note: eventually I'd prefer to add a Planeswalker to the deck (such as Jace 2.0) and push the proliferation over the edge but for now that will have to wait.

This is Kylak signing out and itching to proliferate. Gotta get my fix.


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