Friday, December 23, 2011

Updating with or without Chupacabras

1) Graduation?
Holy crapolas! I've graduated college! Dance with me people. It's contagious. I mean, the dancing is, not the crapolas mentioned earlier. This is kind of a big deal alright? I obviously have to join the real world (whatever that means) and find a job but for now I'm going to attempt some shenanigans on the internets and see what happens. Join me on my journey won't you?

2) Commissions!
The second order of business is that you want to give all of your money to k4it0u (aka Wafflesaurus and other aliases). This is the same badass art mage that created the banner for this very site so you know she's got street cred already. Seriously take a look at this commission page:

That is classy. She's even drawn Rapunzel and Marceline the Vampire Queen. You should totally investigate her deviantART page right here at this link right now:
Then share that commission page with all of your friends and family. Just because you can!

3) Facebook and Twitter.
Now that I'm free from the machine, I'm able to post more on both of these bad boys. Links are plastered all over this site (But just in case. Facebook: Twitter:!/AllGeeksRejoice). You totally want to follow those pages because I'm going to say some weird crap and start to post things that I won't post here on the site. Plus, what fun is a playground if you aren't all there?

4) New Content.
That sounds ominous. Almost ominous enough to be true! Yeah... it's true. There's going to be new content coming down the pipeline in the coming months. January starts a whole new year and if all the planets align properly: there will be new content that isn't just articles! Gasp indeed my friend. Gasp indeed. I'm going to sacrifice a few goats and get some videos made and with any luck there will be more than just videos. If you haven't checked the "About" page at the top by now then you should since it gives quite a few hints as to what's going on around here.

5) Break time.
Regardless of having this newfound freedom, I'm going to take a break from the 24th until the 2nd of January. I'm pretty sure no one can fault me for taking the Christmas holidays and New Years off from posting (and if you can then you're walking down a dark path and need to bring a flashlight). Don't worry though, I'll be back and just maybe I'll bring snacks.

Happy Holidays everybody!

This is Kylak signing out and putting the Chupacabras to bed. Don't ask. I'm sure it has something to do with the Holidays.


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