Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wicked Anime Reviews #17 Star Driver

Anime reviews delivered directly to the face!

What's it about?
Takuto is found washed up on the shore of Southern Cross Island where he goes to school there by day and by night he takes on the mysterious organization known as the Glittering Crux Brigade. They fight in a separate dimension known as Zero Time in mecha called Cybodies that only exist in that dimension. Both sides attempt to uncover the secrets of one another all while attempting to make it through their regular lives at school and the love triangles they find themselves in.

What rocks!
- Style across the board, vibrant colors for just about everything, and interesting mecha designs keep you coming back for more.

- The story arcs for the side characters/villains are incredibly intriguing and pretty original. It’s a shame that they aren’t the focus of the show as you’ll want more of them and less of the main characters.

- Love triangles and highschool drama set the stage.

- Some of the smoothest animation.

- Stellar soundtrack.

What sucks!
- So much lost potential! There are angels losing their wings as we speak and crashing to the depths below. This was rather painful because this series had a lot to give but it never managed to escape its own obvious mistakes and it mostly all boils down to one thing: repetitiveness. The kind of repetitiveness that can only be achieved by setting a laser light on the wall and watching as the cat jumps endlessly hoping to catch it until it becomes exhausted.

It’s like Power Rangers all over again. Only certain side stories break up this atrocious loop. Here’s the formula for almost every single episode: This week’s villain is introduced. They interact with the main character(s) in person. Then there is a mecha battle that involves the main character easily gaining the upper hand over his opponent no matter what. The other characters sit off to the sidelines just watching everything that goes on. Oh and at some point in the episode there will be implied sexual tension between at least two characters.

-The three main characters. You’re going to love them or hate them. Even if you do love them, you’re going to have to admit that they’re pretty boring in comparison to almost every other character in this show and that’s really a shame. The main male character is a mary stue, the other pretends to be interesting by being mysterious, and the girl is just a blank slate that never gets developed.

I have mixed feelings about this show. I personally enjoyed it overall but the constant repetition truly can be rage inducing. I recommend watching the first episode and seeing what you think of it as its one of the few shows out there that the first episode really is a proper example/demo of the show itself (most shows have to build up slowly into their own identity).

This is Kylak signing out. Kiraboshi!


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