Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wicked Anime Reviews #20 Shiki

Anime reviews delivered directly to the face!

In one sentence:
This is sorta kinda Salem’s Lot made into an Anime.

What rocks:
- The atmosphere.
The horror theme is played around with expertly here. Everything, from the art style and the haunting music to the opening as the flesh is torn off of bodies and blood drips over a skull, sets the tone to feel how bleak this show is. Some scenes throughout the show will actually keep you on edge or might even freak you out and I can’t think of another Anime that even came close to doing that. This encompasses what the show is and what makes it unique. If you’re into supernatural horror and mystery then look no further.

What sucks:
- The overall point of the show.
Once the show makes its point near the middle to end of the series, it keeps making that point repeatedly as it bashes you over the head with it. And then it keeps making that point repeatedly as it bashes you over the head with it. And then it keeps making that point…

- Too many characters.
While I enjoy the attention to detail, I think it was a bit overboard. The intent was to actually think up over 100 (not sure on the exact number) characters to map out who was being killed in the town and flesh out the town itself as these people all had names, faces, and personalities. This falls into the category of needlessly complex. Not only can the viewer not keep track of these characters but it takes time away from the main characters and doesn’t allow them a chance to shine or get fleshed out. To make matters worse, the characters you would want to never exist because they're such terrible people get a ton of screen time instead. That truly is horrific!

- The ending.
It barely feels like an ending. Too many things end abruptly, others are left unresolved, and the story just kind of stops moving forward as if they wrote themselves into a corner.

This is Kylak signing out and reminding you to never let the undead into your home no matter how friendly they may seem.


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