Monday, January 23, 2012

Wicked Anime Reviews #26 Honey and Clover (& Honey and Clover 2)

Anime reviews delivered directly to the face!

We watch as the main characters live their lives as they attend an art college and what happens after graduation. It's real. It's life. Things change. Be prepared for bittersweet moments and roller coasters as our characters figure out their place in the world, what they want to do with their lives, how they truly feel about other people, and just how much meaning a simple clover can have.

The first episode actually worried me as it's more an introduction of who some of our main characters are without giving an introduction of what this show is about or where it's going. Don't let that stop you. There isn't going to be any gimmicks, sci-fi or fantasy powers, or adventures to another land going on here. This is a slow but properly paced show about five students in college and while that's all you can say about it, that's all that needs to be said.

There was also the worry about the main female character and the fact that she looks and acts like a creepy doll sometimes that looks much younger than she actually is but that's part of the point. She's attempting to struggle at larger odds than most of the characters in the show and she's the least likely character you would expect to do it.

If you've ever been through the actual college university life or are diving into it first-hand as we speak then this is even more so directed at you and while I think everyone can appreciate it this series for what it is, I think I'd have to ultimately recommend this to those that have experienced it themselves.

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