Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wicked Anime Reviews #30 Tiger and Bunny

Anime reviews delivered directly to the face!

What's it about?
In a fictional future, superheroes are commercialized mascots for different companies. These heroes compete for points as they rescue citizens and capture criminals as part of a television show. The veteran hero, Wild Tiger (the masked persona of Kotetsu Kaburagi), seems to be the only one that doesn't care about earning points. Saving others is his top priority but at the cost of destroying countless buildings and causing tons of collateral damage. When he's not fighting crime, Kotetsu is trying his best to get his daughter to think he's cool.

What rocks:
- Kotetsu
The main character, Kotetsu, has been getting praise and it's pretty easy to see why. An older main character? He's a single parent? There's more to it than that but those two factors alone are simply things we don't see in the vast majority of Anime. He isn't a one trick pony either as the praise isn't simply directed at the original concept. He isn't solely defined by his age or the fact that he's a father. As the story progresses, we discover why he does the things he does and get to see a healthy mixture of character flaws and strengths. Hooray for three-dimensional characters!

- Great side characters
I was worried at first that they'd all suffer the fate given to many Anime characters where they have a striking gimmick or quirk and that be their sole defining feature throughout the show. Luckily this isn't the case. Each gets their own short story arc toward the middle of the series to really define them as people and not just heroes.

- Fun premise
Let's be honest here. The starting point of the entire series, before it even breaks into deeper issues, character studies, and everything else, is simply a fun concept to watch unfold. It's original and it opens the doors for story purposes later.

- Solid narrative/writing
It's pretty obvious that there was quite a bit of attention put into the script and the details pour out throughout the course of the series. It takes its time with things but it manages to deliver plenty of intense moments, plot twists, and character-driven story.

- Western appeal
There simply aren't many shows out there that actually have anything resembling Western appeal and so it's something to bring up when this finally rolls around.

What sucks:
- Slow start
Things don't really kick into high gear until a few episodes in. After that, the show adds layers slowly one after another. If you're the type that only watches the first few episodes of a show to form an opinion of it and you aren't already caught then you would most likely miss out on this ride.

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