Monday, February 6, 2012

Decklist Ex Machina #13 L.O.L. Elves

Coming up with fun decklists so you don't have to.

L.O.L. Elves or also known as Lots of Lovely Elves is a decklist that Wafflesaurus and I worked on together to let her terrorize multiplayer tables to her heart's content. L.O.L. Elves is a token deck at its heart and it generates enough tokens that it was a necessity to actually get an entire deckbox for Elf Warrior tokens of the Green/White and Mono-Green variety. Ready to engulf the kitchen table? Here's the list:

Rhys the Redeemed 3
Imperious Perfect 4
Elvish Archdruid 4
Elvish Harbinger 3
Sylvan Ranger 2
Essence Warden 3
Ezuri, Renegade Leader 2
Dauntless Escort 3

Garruk Wildspeaker 2
Hunting Triad 1
Elvish Promenade 2
Harmonize 2
Hour of Reckoning 2
Fracturing Gust 2

Sunpetal Grove 4
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood 2
Selesnya Sanctuary 3
Forest 11
Plains 2

Assembling Allies (Token Generators):
This is the heart of the deck. Rhys the Redeemed, Imperious Perfect, Hunting Triad, Elvish Promenade, and Garruk Wildspeaker create token armies with ease. Imperious Perfect is still probably to this day one of the best token producers ever printed. It might as well read: pay one mana for a 2/2 creature with the most relevant creature type. Rhys the Redeemed and Elvish Promenade aren't the most effective in the early game and in a duel they wouldn't be that useful but this is multiplayer and they truly get to shine here. When you're doubling your army every single turn, they're going to need multiple reset buttons to even hope to stop you.

Gathering Resources (Mana Ramp):
The actual spells are on a very low curve for a multiplayer deck as most of the spells only have a converted mana cost of one to three. The mana itself is mostly used for activated abilities. Rhys requires six mana to double your token army and Ezuri wants five mana for his overrun ability (and this deck easily gets enough mana to activate this multiple times in a turn). Ramp includes Sylvan Ranger, Elvish Harbinger, Garruk Wildspeaker, and the overly ridiculous Elvish Archdruid. Thanks to the sheer amount of tokens on the field, Archdruid will be producing more mana than you ever thought necessary.

Fortifying Defenses (Saving Tokens):
Tokens are generally weak 1/1 creatures that just simply don't do enough on their own and die way too easily. In a multiplayer matchup it means that there are that many more players that might have board sweep to instantly ruin your day. This deck gets around that dilemma in multiple ways. First you have Imperious Perfect and Elvish Archdruid that are constantly giving your army a static bonus. That means that your tokens are generally at least 3/3 creatures (though usually they're even bigger). Oran-rief the Vastwood gives further defense and Ezuri's overrun can be activated defensively as well. Possibly more important than any of them is Dauntless Escort as he can save your army from the worst kind of board sweep (Wrath of God-like effects). It should also be noted that Essence Warden sets up a different kind of defense: your life total. When you're producing ten or more tokens a turn and all of your opponents at the multiplayer table are playing their own creatures each turn, that means Essence Warden is going to be skyrocketing your life total.

Conquering New Lands (Tricks to Win):
Elvish Harbinger allows you to get any elf you need at the time which makes for very consistent setups. Fracturing Gust can take out some decks completely and at the very least it can handle some pretty nasty cards that might show up. One of the key win cards is Hour of Reckoning as it lets you gain the advantage by leaving all of your tokens intact. The best part is that you have Dauntless Escort which means you don't have to lose anything while everyone else is back to square one. The deadliest win conditions in the deck are Ezuri and Garruk. Both have overrun abilities (+3/+3 and trample) and Ezuri's can be activated multiple times in a turn. With a field full of giant tokens with trample, it isn't likely that anyone can stand up to that.

This is Kylak signing out to let you take over tables with tokens.


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