Monday, February 27, 2012

Link Roundup: Geek Sites to Explore

Space Pirate Ninjas with Geeky Hobbies are my Target Audience.
Heylo fellow Geeks, Ninjas, Space Pirates, and Cthulhu! Today we're trying something radically different. There are a ton of sites that deserve your attention out there in the multiverse and it is your quest today to explore them (so it's essentially the greatest fetch quest ever). You might look down at this list and think, "Golly gee wilikers Kylak. You forgot *insert site here*." First I'd exclaim, "Do you really talk that way? What century are you from and how did you find this site without internet?" Then I'd give my actual answer which is simply that I'm not listing every site here that I visit (There are way too many... Have you seen my bookmarks? I have folders inside of folders people. I literally live inside the Internet except for when I don't.) Though I will say, if you want to leave a comment with a site that isn't on this list then please do drop that uniform resource locator like it's hot.

The sites below are wonderful blogs that just want hugs (Seriously... no tongue. It's your first day together. Have some decency.). The first three on the list are actually sites that are already close friends with All Geeks Rejoice. *Passes you guys a cold beverage* The rest of the sites are filled with people that I'd love to add to that list of best buds. For each site on the list, I'll give the title, a link to a random post that might be a nifty starting point, and a description of what it's all about. They'll also be broken into sections because why not?

Game Design: Greed in Games
NeetGeek is run by Faylar aka Gerald. He has a mixture of posts on Video Games, Anime, and D&D (you can see why we get along). He's studying game design so there's plenty of articles on that subject as well which is what I've linked you over to today. That particular post is about the concept of greed in video games and why it's necessary.

Gaming Precision
Top 10 Most Badass Female Video Game Characters
Gaming Precision is run by Taylor aka Tay and her staff of fellow gamers. There is some serious Video Game love here with posts on anything gaming. It's also known, in my eyes specifically, as a site that frequently writes features that I've wanted to do in my VG Talk articles and now can't. You beat me to it Tay. I'd shake my fist at you but then I'd just give you a high five afterward anyways. One such article is the one linked above about the top 10 most badass female video game characters.

The Uniblog
Let's Have a Strange and Awesome Fan-Art Hoedown
The Uniblog is run by the Uniblogger aka Crystal (and currently she has two other posters Alexandre and Sara). This is a site that dives face first after a triple back flip into the realm of geek pop culture. Do you really need another reason to check this out? The link here is a minefield of crazy fan-art of everything from Muppet Lanterns (guess which one is the Green Lantern) to Samurai Thundercats.

Critical Hits
Fighters and Flapjacks
Critical Hits is run primarily by TheGame aka Dave but there is a massive flood of staff. All the things you could really ever want from a D&D site are here and thanks to the large staff, there is a healthy variety of article and topics. In this particular post, Dave discusses his thoughts on the Fighter class and the need for classes to come in both simple and complex varieties. I couldn't agree with you more Dave.

Sarah Darkmagic
More of This Please
Sarah Darkmagic is run by Tracy. There are a lot of resources and interesting opinion pieces abound but something that sets the site apart is the discussion pieces about women in D&D and geek culture (both gamers and characters in fantasy settings). One such piece is the recurring articles "More of This Please" where fantasy artwork is applauded for showing women that can kick ass rather than be objectified.

MTG Color Pie
The Top 10 Designed Commander Cards
MTG Color Pie is run by Robby. The site focuses on game design and opinion articles as Robby is a major voice in the MTG community (you know it's true Robby). This particular post is about the Commander products with his top 10 designed cards (not based on playability) and why he chose them. Can you guess his number 1?

Inkwell Looter
Make Mine Markov
Inkwell Looter is run by the artist that goes by the same name around the net. He mixes his unique style and humor with the Magic multiverse to great effect. He's made just about every major token, counter, or emblem from the last few blocks in his own style so check those out because they're incredible. One of those very emblems is the one linked for Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.

Random Curiosity
Black Rock Shooter - Episode 3
Random Curiosity is run by Divine and his merry band of reviewers. Random Curiosity has been around for many moons (originally owned by Omni) and it has pretty much set the standard for episode reviews that so many other sites go by. I could have picked any post but I decided to pick one of Divine's newer reviews.

Colony Drop
Ultra Nihilist Clamp Cartoons that Hate Everybody, Especially You: Blood C
Colony Drop is run by a team of Anime enthusiasts. Colony Drop isn't exactly fond of most Anime blogs and their mission statement is to make one that doesn't suck. They've in fact made something that is the opposite of sucking with this great site where they aren't afraid to speak their mind. This article details why you simply must not watch Blood C. Trust me, they're trying to save you.

This is Kylak signing out to continue exploring the vast reaches of the Internet.


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