Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Comment Section Leveled Up

Update posts! They're tasty and nutritious! And if I keep grinning and holding out two thumbs up, you'll eventually believe me. Nothing like the smell of forced enthusiasm in the morning. Am I right?

Seriously though, this is important stuff. You see, I've been told by posters that they literally can't comment on this blog. That's just not gravy in the slightest. Commenting is important here! We promote discussion. We promote you telling us what's on your mind. Just don't talk about the dead body you hid in the river. That will be our little secret.

As many of you may know, the comment section has been strictly Google based. If you didn't have a Google account of some kind (gmail, youtube, or whatever) then you weren't allowed to comment. I kept it this way forever since it kept out spammers. The problem now is that it's keeping out people that actually have Google accounts and that's just horrendous. I actually changed this earlier but I'm finally making it known: this is no longer the case. The new setup should allow anyone to comment. I want you all to comment because I feast on words okay?! Go crazy with it! Go find old posts and comment on them. Make it wild! Just don't make it so wild that you have to hide two bodies. I'm going to test this out for awhile and if things work out well then this will become the norm.


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