Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Musical Chairs #1 Video Game Inspired Bands

Video Game cover bands and arrangers are incredible. We have the massive community at, Youtube artists like Mat Graham/Artificial Fear, Torzelan, and Hyadain, as well as internet superstars such as Brentalfloss, Metroid Metal, The Megas, and so many others. There are websites that keep track of the long list of bands and artists that all share this passion and I'm a huge fan of their work as I can't stop being addicted to their tributes.

That ramble brings us to today's topic. Something interesting has started to sprout more often. There are bands that don't just cover video game music but instead create entirely original music that's inspired by the video games they've played. This is such a new phenomenon that people are still labeling them as cover bands which doesn't quite work and it makes it nearly impossible to find info that separates the cover bands from those that aren't. So the plan for today is to introduce you to a few bands that fit into this category and leave the rest open for you to explore and share what you find. Let's get started shall we?

The Protomen
Official site:
Suggested songs: The Hounds, The Will of One, The Sons of Fate
Incredibly famous among the geek community, The Protomen have created a Rock Opera based on the Mega Man storyline with completely original music of their own. They manage to jump styles and genres between songs all while telling a compelling tale of betrayal, loss, family bonds, love, and humanity.

Official site:
Suggested songs: Helix Nebula, Another Winter, Mermaid
While the band claims their sound isn't inspired by video game music (their inspiration comes more from bands like Weezer and the Beach Boys), not only do they use chiptune sounds by hacking an NES and a Gameboy among other hardware but they've made music for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Their music literally sounds like retro game music.

Crystal Castles
Official site:
Suggested songs: Alice Practice, Black Panther, Celestica
I'm not going to lie, I'm not exactly sure if their music is inspired by video games or not but just listening to them and hearing the comments online really makes it seem that way as everyone else is convinced. If you're into experimental, alternative dance scene, chip-tune using, broken Gameboy sounding, skull-piercing, electronic music that everyone compares to being high then they're your band.

I'm still researching other bands to see if they could be added to this list such as ArcAttack (I literally can't find anything remotely conclusive) so what are your thoughts? Do you know of a band that creates totally original sounds but happens to draw inspiration from video games in some shape or form? How about another band like The Protomen that doesn't produce retro tunes but instead tributes a video game series in their lyrics? Sound off in the comments!

This is Kylak signing out and listening on.


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