Sunday, April 15, 2012

Musical Chairs Posts

Some of you may remember the Musical Chairs articles that were posted in the past. These were a direct result of people asking for me to write music related articles on the site and I was more than happy to oblige. The entire series turned out to not only be a huge bomb (as in, they weren't exactly popular) but they didn't manage to fit the theme of this site either. Rather than just leaving them to rot in the bowels of the archives, I figured I would rewrite the three posts with new topics.

Is there a future for these music articles beyond just the three mentioned? That's difficult to answer. I honestly can't see myself writing anymore of these but I figured it would be worth the time to at least get these finished instead of letting them sink into obscurity. If there's enough support for them then I'll continue the posts but I can't picture that happening and there's nothing wrong with these being the only three in the series.

The original posts will have their text deleted and replaced with links to the new posts. Eventually I may delete the original posts as well as any other unnecessary posts (including update posts) but for now they'll remain on the site.


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