Saturday, May 5, 2012

Video Spotlight #46 Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power by ~Impkid on deviantART

Sharing videos I managed to find scattered across the internet.

If the message isn't clear enough then here's a bonus video designed to be blunt as hell: Read a Book

This is Kylak signing out and using knowledge to make the world not suck.


  1. That was a beautiful animation :'D. All conveyed through music too! That's an awesome touch.

    The rap song is also amazing because it's pretty straight to the point, haha.

  2. I agree. The use of music instead of words to convey the emotion and imagery of the video was spifftastic.

    Totally straight to the point! It's the companion guide in this scenario. :D

  3. Yeah, it's always very inspiring when music is the main source to convey what's happening in the video. Whew, powerful stuff.



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