Dungeons and Dragons.

Reverse Dungeoneering articles.
"Improving your D&D experience. For both DMs and players."
Whether you're a Dungeon Master or just a casual player of D&D, you're going to want to read these posts. This is a huge mixture of tips, guides, advice, ideas, and more to help you with as many aspects of the game as possible. After seeing the game from both sides of the DM screen for several years (and multiple editions), I want to help everyone else who enjoys playing this wonderful game. If you're having a particular issue at the D&D table then feel free to email me.
Speeding Up Combat
Encouraging Roleplaying
How to Begin a Campaign
How to Avoid Metagaming
When is Metagaming Acceptable?
Making Combat more Engaging
Expanding Roleplaying
A Party of Dungeon Masters?
For the Lazy DM
101 DM Tips (Part 1)
101 DM Tips (Part 2)
101 DM Tips (Part 3)
101 DM Tips (Part 4)
101 DM Tips (Part 5)
101 DM Tips (Part 6)
101 DM Tips (Part 7)
101 DM Tips (Part 8)
101 DM Tips (Part 9)
101 DM Tips (Part 10)
101 DM Tips
Putting Away the Tech for D&D
Best Point to Stop a Session
Talking About the Talk

Critical Playtesting articles.
"Playtesting different classes and races so you'll give them a shot."
Some classes aren't self explanatory as to why you should play them and some players get in the habit of playing only a couple of classes or races. There is nothing wrong with that by any means but I'm here to help you explore the reasons these other classes and races are amazing. These posts focus on what makes these classes and races stand out from the crowd and what they're capable of.
The Bard
The Fighter
The Avenger
The Battlemind
The Warlock
The Runepriest
The Ranger
The Warden
The Druid
The Monk
The Wizard

D&D Story Seed articles.
"D&D story seeds and adventure hooks for you to steal."
These posts are littered with story ideas and adventure hooks for D&D. Try them out in your game or read over them to spark new ideas of your own.
Story Seeds #1
Story Seeds #2 (Dragon Theme)
Story Seeds #3 (Dungeon Theme)
Story Seeds #4 (Underdark Theme)
Story Seeds #5 (Deity Theme)

Click this link if you've never played D&D or for 50 reasons to switch from 3.5 to 4th Edition.


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