Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering.

MTG Tips
Learning about Magic the Gathering? Need strategy ideas or just useful tips? Looking for new ways to play? All of the above and more will be answered in this set of articles.
MTG Tips 1 - Top 15 Ways to Handle Board Sweep
MTG Tips 2 - Alternate Formats
MTG Tips 3 - Top 7 Ways to Handle Mill
MTG Tips 4 - All About Card Advantage
MTG Tips 5 - Top 7 Ways to Handle Tokens
MTG Tips 6 - How to Build a Sideboard
MTG Tips 7 - Top 7 Ways to Handle Counterspells
MTG Tips 8 - Keep your Priorities Straight (The Stack and Priority)
MTG Tips 9 - Top 10 Ways to Handle Life Gain
MTG Tips 10 - Card to Ignore (Win More and Lose Less)
MTG Tips 11 - Cards to Ignore (Punisher)
MTG Tips 12 - Card Evaluation
MTG Tips 13 - Promoting Synergy

Decklist Ex Machina
Budget decklist ideas designed for Timmy and Johnny (click here if you've never heard of those player types before). These articles are focused on bringing you deck ideas with an emphasis on fun and creativity without sacrificing playability. The Spike of the Kitchen table can still be interested in these but these aren't decks designed for any given meta or PTQ.
Decklist Ex Machina 1 - Branch Panch
Decklist Ex Machina 2 - Chrono Trigger
Decklist Ex Machina 3 - Pri-Aura-Tize
Decklist Ex Machina 4 - Chandra Ablaze it's Time to Amaze
Decklist Ex Machina 5 - Concealed by the Shield you Wield
Decklist Ex Machina 6 - Bread Makes you Fat?
Decklist Ex Machina 7 - Stout No Doubt
Decklist Ex Machina 8 - Myrly Enough Myr
Decklist Ex Machina 9 -  Dragonacolypse
Decklist Ex Machina 10 - Breaking News!
Decklist Ex Machina 11 - Discarding Tables
Decklist Ex Machina 12 - Proliferation Nation
Decklist Ex Machina 13 - L.O.L. Elves
Decklist Ex Machina 14 - Budget Starter Decks for New Magic Players

Vorthos Train Wreck
This is for every Vorthos out there. These are essentially the Magic the Gathering storyline abridged with a sense of humor. More to come very soon.
Vorthos Train Wreck 1 - Mirari Saga (and Mirrodin)

Magic News and Reviews
Leak Sauce 1 - Scars of Mirrodin
Leak Sauce 4 - Omnibus
Duel Decks: Elspeth VS Tezzeret Review
Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning
Leak Sauce 8 - Overwhelming Stampede of Magic Spoilers
Leak Sauce 10 - Mirrodin Pure or New Phyrexia
Leak Sauce 11 - Magic 2012
Leak Sauce 13 - New Phyrexia Spoilers
Leak Sauce 14 - EDH/Commander Decks
Leak Sauce 15 - New Planeswalker, New Phyrexia Event Decks, and New Format?
Leak Sauce 18 - New Planeswalker: Ral Zarek
Magic the Gathering Commander Deck Product Review and Guide
Leak Sauce 19 - From the Vault: Legends 
Leak Sauce 20 - Innistrad Spoilers 


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